USMC Blackout Combat Tanto Sword
USMC Blackout Combat Tanto Sword Original price was: $139.94.Current price is: $69.97.
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Military Replica Classic Cavalry Sword
Military Replica Classic Cavalry Sword Original price was: $93.98.Current price is: $46.99.

1942 U.S. Combat Sword

Original price was: $138.94.Current price is: $69.97.

Description of 1942 U.S. Combat Sword:

Introducing our Combat Sword is enliven by the handy dandy weapon US military convey during The Second Great War. Giving proper respect to the first, 1942 U.S. Combat Sword is carefully carved into its 19 3/4″ dark cover AUS-6 hardened steel tanto sharp edge. The generally dependable, 27 1/2″ by and large plan is complement with a matching watchman and end cap, and an attractive, simple hold stack calfskin handle.

A dark nylon sheath with waist band and shoulder tie is incorporate. A delightfully created recognition for the people who battled and passed on in Europe and the Pacific in WWII, the Combat Sword makes a particularly smart, sincere gift for fighters, WWII veterans, sword and knife gatherers, history buffs. WWII/military researchers and anybody who values fine designing and quality craftsmanship.

The Combat Sword is a notable and generally critical edge weapon that assume a urgent part in the possession of American troopers during The Second Great War. With a complete length of roughly 20 inches, this powerful and minimize sword was intend for tight situation battle. The Combat Sword which make it an irreplaceable device for the daring people who serve in the U.S. military during the conflict.

Including a double-edge blade that is both sharp and strong. The 1942 U.S. Combat Sword is prestigious for its flexibility. Its handle is built from a blend of metal and hard materials.

This Combat Sword was broadly involve by American soldiers for different purposes. It include slicing through thick vegetation, opening stockpile cartons, and if all else fails self-protection weapon. Its authentic importance lies in its commonsense utility as well as in its emblematic portrayal of the boldness and penance show by the warriors of that period.

Today, the 1942 U.S. Combat Sword is a profoundly sigh-after collectible, fill in as a substantial sign of the valor and penances made by the people in the second war.


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