Black Legion Death Stalker Sword With Nylon Sheath
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Shinwa “Ironborn” Katana With Saya
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1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath

Original price was: $139.94.Current price is: $69.97.

  • Overall length: 27 1/2″
  • 19 3/4″ black-coated AUS-6 stainless steel blade
  • “US 1942” etched delicately into half-tang blade

Description of 1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath :

The 1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath is roused by the dependable weapon US military conveyed during The Second Great War. Giving proper respect to the first, 1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath is carefully scratched into its 19 3/4″ dark covered AUS-6 tempered steel tanto cutting edge. The generally devoted, 27 1/2″ by and large plan is complemented with a matching gatekeeper and end cap, and an attractive, simple hold stacked cowhide handle.

A dark nylon sheath with waist band and shoulder lash is incorporated. A flawlessly created recognition for the people who battled and passed on in Europe and the Pacific in WWII, the makes a particularly smart, genuine gift for officers, WWII veterans. Sword and knife gatherers, history buffs, WWII/military researchers and any individual who values fine designing and quality craftsmanship.

The 1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath holds a regarded place in military history. Typifying the grit and boldness of American troopers during The Second Great War. Made with accuracy and intended for close battle experiences. This sword remains as a demonstration of the boldness displayed by the individuals who employed it on the combat zone.

Estimating around 20 creeps long, the edge of the battle blade is manufactured from high-carbon steel, guaranteeing its sturdiness and imposing strength. Its twofold edged plan is improved for quick and productive strikes, while the focal more full decreases weight without compromising underlying respectability.

The grip of the sword includes a knuckle monitor and a knob produced using strong metal, offering a protected hold and taking into consideration exact dealing with. The handle of 1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath  is enveloped by calfskin, giving solace and forestalling slippage even in the intensity of battle.

The sword accompanies a sheath fastidiously developed from rough cowhide and fitted with metal accents. This offers assurance for the edge and empowers simple conveying when not being used. It likewise bears a waist band for helpful connection to the trooper’s uniform or gear.


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