Spartan King Leonidas Sword - 300 Movie

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Overall Length: 33.5”
Blade Length: 26.5”
Handle Length: 7”
Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
Free Mild leather Sheath
Blade Steel: stainless steel, Sharp Tip
Leather Wrapped Handle
Accessories: Leather Sword Belt (Should Fit Most of Adults)

Regular Price: $125.00

Special Price: $66.19



King Leonidas Doric was a famous Greek warrior king of the cut-throat Spartan State. He died famously in 480 BC in the Battle of Thermopylae after leading his army successfully against the Persian Empire. Leonidas was King Anaxndridas II's third son which made him a member of Agiad Dynasty, who claimed themselves to be direct descendants of the demigod Hercules. King Leonidas iconic fighting item his side always sees his sword. Leonidas's sword had become a sign of fear and domination over enemy forces.

Product Description:

The Replica of the ruthless sword available today for sale at our online store. Our Replica is just as fearsome and efficient at eliminating enemies.

    • The blade made of 420 Stainless Steel
    • The blade is finished in matt black paint.
    • The overall sword is about 33.5 inches long
    • The blade length is almost 26.5 inches
    • The wooden handle has spacers attached on either side for added grip and is 7 inches long.
    • The handle is wrapped in brown leather and includes a custom nylon sheet.

The sword is still all about Sparta, and the design speaks how war-oriented, disciplined, and brutal the state was.

King Leonidas? Who was he?

Q: So the question now that many ask is who is King Leonidas, and why is Leonidas's sword so famous?

We'll go a bit into King Leonidas's story. According to Herodotus, King Leonidas's mother was the niece of his father along with being his wife. The couple had been barren for so long that the Spartans elders asked the King to move on and take another woman for his wife. Anaxandridas refused so the elders, ephorns allowed him a second wife without disposing of the first. His second wife soon bore a son who was followed by a son from his first wife. His first wife soon bore a second who was Leonidas. Since Leonidas was 3rd or 4th in heirship line to the King, he was not brought to be a King. He had to attend public school at Sparta, which was compulsory to obtain Spartan citizenship. Thus Leonidas was one of the few kings to be trained on the streets of Sparta, like one of the regular youths.

King Anaxandridas died in 520 BC and his first son, the child of her second wife "Cleomenes" succeeded to the throne around 516 BC. Leonidas's elder brother Dorieus was very pissed about the whole scenario. The elders ignoring him, and he found it impossible to stay in Sparta anymore and leftover for Africa where he is said to have founded a colony. He then moved over to Sicily where he made a fortune and was finally killed. Leonidas whose relationship with his elder brother is unspoken of, married Cleomenes's daughter named Gorgo, a while before ultimately coming to Throne in 490BC.

After the purposed insanity of his half-brother King Cleomenes who then fled Sparta, Leonidas was named the King for being

    • The member of Agiad dynasty
    • And a citizen of Sparta.

People questioned his eligibility to become a King, for he never had the bringing up of a King, but when someone told him that he only superior to them because he is the King, he replied If he had not been better than he would never have been the thing, he not only suggested his Bloodline, but also different forms of skills that he and his Brother excelled at and proved superiority over others in the very competitive and hostile environment of Sparta. He believed this qualified him to rule over Sparta. 

In the year 481 BC, Leonidas was chosen to lead Spartans against Persians forces, trying to invade Greece. The coalition wanted Leonidas to drive because he had gained

    • reputation as a military leader
    • And a difficult combatant.

Leonidas's sword had become quite popular by now and had beheaded many. Leonidas have been selected by the Greek coalition was a great tribute to Spartan army, but it was clear they wanted him only for military intelligence as immediately after his death, they selected Athenian leadership. This could also be because Leonidas's son was too young to rule, but the Spartan domination had even begun to decline by the period. This election of Leonidas to lead the defense of Greece against Xerxes' invasion led to Leonidas' death in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

In the battle Leonidas successfully led 300 Spartans against ruthless Persian forces and stopped them from invading Greece, although at the cost of his own life. His sword would be remembered all across the battle, for it slit heads like no other. As seen in the movie adaption, Leonidas sword was the only prevailing item after each combat, and the sword had been designed especially for

    • Close combat,
    • To knock off the opponent by thrusting,
    • Stabbing
    • Or even cutting him.


    • You should not practice it near the people as it has a very sharp tip which can hurt anyone.
    • It should not practice near fragile things.
    • You should keep it with care so that it may not get rusted. Although its material is competent enough but even then you should have to care.
    • Keep it away from children as it is heavy for them, which may result in hurting themselves.

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