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7 Most Popular Comic Superheroes of all times. 

comic superheroes

Comic books are well-renowned in the world because of their amazing storylines, graphics, sci-fi adventures, strong characters and many other things. Their basic stories revolve around 2 things, Good and Evil. Being a comic book reader, you will always find these 2 things in every comic story. In those 2 things, there lies 2 main characters of comic superheroes, i.e. Heroes and Villains.  

In the past 100 years, there have been thousands of characters in the comic books. Out of those, some stood in fan’s hearts because of their popularity while some flew away because people didn’t like them. 

Being a comic reader and viewer, some comic characters that come into mind are Superman, Wolverine, Batman, Hulk, Captain America and Wonderwoman. Today in this content, we are going to cover the top 7 most popular comic superheroes that are still in the hearts of fans.

1: Wolverine:

It won’t be wrong to say that Wolverine is one of the strongest Canadain God-Gifted fighters in the comic books. He is well-known for his quick temper, beer drinking, sharp attacking & defensive skills and bloodshed abilities. With his such abilities, he outperforms other members of Alpha Flight tenfold like Sasquatch and Vindicator easily. 

It is not only for the fact that he is God Gifted, but he gained many powerful abilities after hard training. Apart from Charles Xavier, he is also well-known for having the face of X-Men. He himself carried out the Fox Franchise for 17 Years single handedly. Due to all these things, it will be 100% right to say that he surely needs a position in top 10 most popular comic characters. 

2: Batman:

It is undeniable that Batman is also one of those characters in comics who is widely loved by children and teenagers because of his extensive fighting abiliites. Batman from Gotham City back lane is also in the list of most respectable comic characters ever created. Without him, the comic character industry is not complete. 

If you think, what makes Batman a well-liked and interesting character, then I would say everything that makes him who he is. He, like other superheroes, tries to prevail justice every time for ordinary people and work for their peace. Like Superman, he got no chills to push his boundaries in finding justice for his people. This makes him one of the most lovable and powerful personalities in the comic industry. 

3: Superman:

Another most diverse character in comic books, Superman, is here at the 3rd position in our article. 

Most of his fans call him a mixture of bird and a plane because of his attacking ability while flying. According to a research, he is undoubtedly the most influential superhero of the last 100 years. The main message behind this character is that every evil in this world can be defeated with your skills and powers. Therefore, you will only see him searching the paths of justice and knocking down evil people. He always stands up for the right regardless of the situation. In short, if I could say there are very few places in the world who don’t know about superman’s character, then it won’t be wrong. 

4: Spiderman:

Spiderman is also one of the most influential, powerful and popular comic superheroes in the world. He is the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. 

The main idea behind the creation is to create a superhero who faces the same problems which an ordinary man faces in his life. Therefore, we can relate him to a common man before he uses his superpowers. He is also from those comic heroes who work for the betterment of society by fighting against the cruel. There are thousands of cases where you can see Spiderman fighting for justice just like Batman, Superman and wolverine.  

He is the favourite character of children. You can’t even say that you don’t like Spiderman. Can you? Obviously Not. 

5: Wonder Woman:

If you are thinking that girls can perform the roles of superheros, then you are 100% wrong. There are many women who have played great roles in comics. But out of those, the only woman that gained popularity is Wonder Woman. 

She got many superpowers which moulded her into the early inception in the world. With her attacking and defensive skills, she made it quite easily into the most respectable team members of Marvel Series. She fought many battles along with Batman, The Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and many others. 

In short, she made her space into her fans’ hearts with her skills. That’s why she is also present in our list of popular comic superheroes. 

6: Captain America:

As we know that Superman is well-renowned for his justice in the DC series, the same is the case with Captain America in Marvels. Yes, he is popular for doing justice with everyone even with his enemies (knocking evil people down). 

Captain America, the most essential part of Marvel, is the symbol of freedom, justice and hope to the depressed people. He led his Marvel Team for most of his life period and has proved his leadership skills. Even all the other Marvel Characters respected him for his strong decisions and manly power. The Captain America Shield is also one of those warfare items that people widely love in this world.

Likewise, Superman and Batman of DC, he was the most iconic character of Marvel. That’s why he is present in our list as well as in the hearts of fans. 

7: Thor:

Thor is also one of the most popular and recognizable marvel superheros in the world. His sheer appearance is also the main thing behind fan’s popularity. 

He is an Asgardian God who has immeasurable strength in his muscles. Thor can easily change the result of battles single handedly with his attacking skills. He possesses a large hammer which is his main weapon in the MC versions.