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Who we are
We are Swords Kingdom – a manufacturing and trading company based in United States. We make the best quality Replica Swords and Replica Weapons at the most accommodating and competitive prices. We concentrate on customer satisfaction from the start. We don’t make much profit out of our sales because we try to offer the most competitive prices so that customers can get the best of us. If you want to contact us or ask us anything, simply visit the contact us page. If you want to know who we are and what we offer, keep reading this page.
What we offer
It is due to the above mentioned traits that we are considered as one of the best swords manufacturers and suppliers by numerous global customers. Other websites and suppliers out there mainly give priority to their profit and don’t check their products’ quality. But we have an experienced team of quality officers to eliminate the risk of faults in products. It is possible that sometimes there could be a wear and tear in the manufactured items, but to deliver such faulty goods is not a wise approach. This thing not only puts one’s reputation in danger but also hurt the customer’s feelings. So we always inspect each item before we deliver it to your door. Whenever we receive a complaint from client, we solve it at earliest. If it is a damaged product, we replace the item free of cost but the customer pays back shipping charges in this regard.
Swords Kingdom always wanted to introduce something new to Cosplay fans, movie fans, anime fans, video games fans, collectors and occasional buyers. So we started to offer them the best replica swords of the famous Movies, TV series, Anime and other animated series. Our Movie props are widely praised however they aren’t actually used on sets. They are just the authentic and realistic replicas of the real movie props.

Our Main Objectives
Providing the best replica weapons and swords in the market
Huge Discounts on several festivals and Occasions
Fulfilling customer’s requirements
Prioritizing customer satisfaction
Offering the best of us
Reduced shipping cost
Super fast delivery
Best Courier services
Easier shopping experience
Easy user navigation
Guaranteed customer support
Dropship facility for other Retailers and Wholesalers
100% safe shopping experience
Replying to our valuable customers and solving their problems
24/7 customer support

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Swords Kingdom has been the premier source for numerous global customers to buy Replica Swords & collectible items at competitive prices and top notch quality.

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