Medieval Robin Hood movie Sword Replica
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Gladiator Antique Sword
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Achilles Sword Replica from Troy

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Overall Length: 37″

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Product Details:
Blade Length: 30″
Handle Length: 7″
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Double-Edged Broad Sword (UnSharpened)
Cast Metal Handle with Jewels Finish
Weight: 1.33 KG


Like most mythological heroes, Achilles had a complicated family tree. Son of Peleus, the mortal king of the Myrmidons–who, according to legend, were extraordinarily fearless and skilled soldiers. His mother was Thetis, a Nereid. His biological birth was the result of the unification of a mortal (Peleus) and an Immortal (Thetis), which made Achilles semi-divine.

Achilles was a demi-God of remarkable stamina, strength, and resistance to injury. Although he was stronger and faster than mere humans but did not measure up to superhuman. He was invulnerable with an exception to his ankles, which lacked the physical Godly enhancements. “Achilles’ heel” has come to mean a person’s principal weakness. Achilles lived as a ruthless warrior both armed with his famous Achilles sword (as featured in Troy), an occasional spear and without. It is said his armor was forged by the God Hephaestus. If you want to purchase Archilles Sword Replica at affordable price, then you are present at right platform.

We, at Swords Kingdom, are selling high-quality Archilles Swords Replicas. If you want to purchase for the upcoming Christmas and Happy New Year events, then have a look at the specifications first.

  • The overall length of this replica is 37″.
  • Blade’s length is 30 inches, and handle’s length is 7 inches.
  • A beautiful display stand comes free with it.
  • For extra protection, a leather sheath is also available with this item.
  • The blade is made up of high-quality stainless steel material.
  • The handle is of cast metal with jewels finish.
  • It is a double-edged broad sword with unsharpened edges.
  • You can easily handle it in your hand due to its low-weight (1.33 KG).
  • One of the best swords for the cosplay and other events.


So, after reviewing the specifications of Replica Archilles Sword from Troy Movie, if you want to get it within next 3-5 days, then place your order now. Apart from this sword, hundreds of other most-demanding swords are also available on our Swords Kingdom store.

What are the charges for blade sharpening?

Only 5$ are the charges for blade sharpening.

Can I buy this Sword in bulk amount?

Yes, you can buy as per your needs.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges depend on your location.
Weight 3.5 kg


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