Achilles Sword - Troy Legend Movie

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37" Overall Length
Blade Length: 30"
Handle Length: 7"
Free Wall Plaque
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Double Edged Broad Sword (UnSharpened)
Cast Metal Handle with Jewels Finish
Weight: 1.33 KG

Regular Price: $95.00

Special Price: $63.12


Achilles Sword from Troy Legend
Like most mythological heroes, Achilles had a complicated family tree. Son of Peleus, the mortal king of the Myrmidons–who, according to legend, were extraordinarily fearless and skilled soldiers. His mother was Thetis, a Nereid. His biological birth was the result of the unification of a mortal (Peleus) and an Immortal (Thetis), which made Achilles semi-divine.
Achilles was a demi God of remarkable stamina, strength, and resistance to injury. Although he was stronger and faster than mere humans but did not measure up to superhuman. He was invulnerable with an exception to his ankles, which lacked the physical Godly enhancements. “Achilles’ heel” has come to mean a person’s principal weakness. Achilles lived as a ruthless warrior both armed with his famous achilles sword (as featured in Troy), an occasional spear and without. It is said his armor was forged by the God Hephaestus.
Achilles also has the attributes of being the most handsome of the heroes assembled against Troy, as well as the best.

Achilles mother was troubled by her son’s mortality to unsurmountable concerns, given the warrior’s rage he had born with in heritage. She did all she could to shield her son; to make him immortal: She turned him over a fire every night, then dressed his wounds with ambrosial ointment; and she dunked him into the River Styx, whose waters were said to confer the invulnerability of the gods. In her worries she held Achilles so hard that no water could skim through her grips on her son. As a result, Achilles was invulnerable everywhere except his ankle.

ACHILLES: The Trojan War
As the Legend dictates, the Trojan War began when the god-king Zeus decided to reduce Earth’s mortal population by arranging a war between the Greeks (Homer calls them the Achaeans) and the Trojans. To achieve his goals, he interfered in their political and emotional, deeply personal affairs. At Achilles’ parents’ wedding feast, Zeus invited the prince of Troy, a young man named Paris, to judge a beauty challenge amongst the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. In exchange of Paris’s vote, each of the princess bribed the young prince Paris. Of all, Aphrodite’s was the most alluring: She promised Paris, a young man- of warm blood, the most beautiful and exquisite wife in the world. Ill-advisedly, the wife in question–Helen, the daughter of Zeus–was already married to someone else: Menelaus, the king of Sparta. At Aphrodite’s influence, Paris went to Sparta, won Helen’s heart and took her (along with all of Menelaus’ money) back to Troy.
Enraged, Menelaus sworn revenge. Finest warriors of Greece were assembled into an army, including Achilles. Menelaus- with his great Greece army-set off to conquer Troy and get his wife back.

Achilles: After Death
After his death, Achilles returned to Troy in the form of a ghost to warn Agamemnon that his wife Clytemnestra was plotting to murder him when he returned to Mycenae. Despite having a rock-strewn relationship with Agamemnon, Achilles gave the man the respect he warranted as a leader of men, the king that he was.
Since it is generally believed that Achilles was shot in the heel with an arrow, the tendon of the heel has become known as Achilles tendon and the term Achilles’s Heel has become a metaphor for vulnerability of any sort.

The Movie
Troy is not exactly a throwback to the golden age of epic Hollywood filmmaking, but it is influenced by it. Filled with dusty and grandiose set pieces, it spans kingdoms and seas in following primarily two tales: That of Achilles and his quest for eternal glory and that of Hector’s beleaguered, underappreciated defense of the land he loves. Both are dragged somewhat unwillingly into battle through the actions of others. For Hector, it is his irresponsible brother Paris who brings down political trouble when he kidnaps the wife of King Menelaus, brother to Agamemnon, King of all Greece. Menelaus isn’t the best of the husbands, but he takes the theft of his wife Helen somewhat personally, as would any man possessed by power and passion. The vicious Agamemnon seizes his brother’s rage as an opportunity to take the native land of Princes Hector and Paris, an unconquerable kingdom across the sea named Troy.
While Hector’s motivations are somewhat simple defense of family and country, Achilles’ are much more complicated. He is already Greece’s greatest warrior. A reluctant tool of king Agamemnon he is unbeatable. An often gray and amoral figure, Achilles hungers for more. He has grown weary of battle, but desires immortality. With the attack on Troy billed as the biggest battle in history, he can’t resist another chance to get his name indelibly written in history books.
Achilles’s famous weapon, Achilles sword was 37” long and its baled was 30” in length. The blade 4.4 mm thick and 80.7 mm wide was ideal for combat. With a grip length of 7″, it was impossible to loose hold of the weapon.

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