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Agent Bloodraynes - DELUXE Lethal Arm Sword

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Regular Price: $235.00

Special Price: $85.41

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Overall Length 36"
Hand Grip: 8"
Free Mild leather Sheath
Adjustable Leather Arm Band
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.16 KG

Regular Price: $235.00

Special Price: $85.41


This replica belongs to the all-time favorite agent Bloodrayne. We are offering this replica online. BloodRayne is a third-person and action adventure video game released in 2002. The game contained a sequel BloodRayne 2. Both games became a hit and received an absolute response. So they made a series of films and comics for the BloodRayne games. The story of the game set in 1933, where vampires exist and are a threat to humans. Every person wears a cross and their home’s doors and windows also show crosses. The story revolves around a character BloodRayne, sometimes called agent BloodRayne, a child of vampire and human, looking for her father. She will slice every single vampire who will try to cross her way. The agent BloodRayne is working for Brimstone Society. As a half-human and half-vampire, called Dhampir, she has fewer weaknesses. Rayne possesses many of the vampire’s characteristics such as, her thirst for blood and her horrifying teeth.

Raymond Holmes wanted to create a perfect female character which would become demanding and skill-full at the same time. So they introduced BloodRayne, a female lead character who is beautiful and lethal. She also has an attitude. The fancy black costume makes her appealing. Moreover, they introduced Lethal Arm blades as, her primary collectible.

Buy collectibles of all kind from our site. The shape of Arm-blades perfectly fits on Rayne’s arms. She killed her own vampire father with the same replica blades. Her best technique is cutting the head off with Lethal Arm-blades. She used the same technique on a number of vampires. The replica has a wrapped, shiny leather handle with matching leather sheath. The cheap collectible’s design is specially for holding it by the hand grip. Its leather sleeve goes on the upper arm. Rayne never leaves home without her trusty Blades. Now it is your time to get the replica of Rayne at such discounted price. We run a trusted online collectibles store just for your ease.

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