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Naruto Anime Sword

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Sword Overall Length with Scabbard: 42"
Total Length: 39.5"
Blade Length: 27.5"
Handle: 12"
Free display stand
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
high quality leather carrying handle
Weight: 1.09 KG

Regular Price: $225.00

Special Price: $205.00


Naruto sword

The Naruto Katana comes from the Japanese anime series Naruto, which is written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It is the story about a young boy Naruto Uzakami, who strives to be the leader and the hero of his village also known as the hokage. He is a blond orphan who lives in the village of Konhagakure which is hidden behind the leaves. Unbeknownst to Naruto, several years ago the nine tailed dragon fox attacked and killed many villagers. The hokage of that time killed it and sealed its soul inside Naruto. This is why he was mistreated by the villagers in the beginning and he wanted to find recognition for his rightful acts.

Naruto has been trained by Master Jiraya who has taught him many skilled moves including the Rasengan. The Rasengan involves the chakra control of the user and does not involve any hand seals. It becomes self sustaining once complete and has the power to kill any opposing trained or highly ranked ninja. Naruto trains with two highly ranked ninjas which are Mater Jiraya and Kakashi Sensei to wiin the battle against Sasuke who is the antagonist and is turned towards the wrong side by Orochimaru.

Although the sword is called a naruto katana, Naruti himself never carries a katana in the Anime series but a graphical novel shows him carrying the sword. The katana is carried by the antagonist Sasuke in later episodes. In the anime series the sword is yellow in color and has a design similar to a leopard’s skin. It has a golden capped pommel. Sasuke uses the sword in many different ways but the most powerful of all is the Chidori. This technique allows Sasuke to direct his Chidori through the choduku. This causes the blade to become as hard as steel as it becomes even more radiating and chirping. The blade runs an electric current through it causing the opponent to go numb when they are hit with the blade. Although this blade can be conquered with the Lightening Chakra

While most naruto sword look likes traditional Japanese swords some of them don’t look like real life swords at all. The word katana stands for all type of standard swords in Japan. Katana swords usually have blades which have single or double edges and which serve the purpose of cutting or stabbing. While a sword is generally a thin, long bladed weapon, naruto sword have mystical or special powers especially in the case of the ‘Seven swordsmen of the mist’. Many ninjas prefer to use longer blades while some prefer shorter ones just because their easier to throw. Many foreign countries use more westernized naruto katanas such as the Land of Monn and the Land of Demon.

The following is a list of naruto katanas with special powers:

This is also known as the executioners’ blade. It a huge sword which looks like a butcher knife. The semi circle on the blade is used to diehard an opponent and the iron in the blood is used to regain strength.


This literally means shark skin which is why it is a giant knife covered in shark scales. It is a leaving weapon and has the ability to eat chakra.

This is in the shape of a sewing needle with a thread attached to it which is used to sew human bundles together which justifies the names literal meaning sewing needle.

Its literal meaning is helmet splitter. It has a single side’s axe and a hammer joined by a chain.

Means splash. It combines swordsmanship and explosives as the sword has a number of explosive tags plugged into it.

These are two identical swords. They have the power of lightening due to which they can cut through anything. They are known to be the sharpest swords ever forged. They are known s fangs or thunder swords.

This is shaped like a bandaged double hand sword which can save and emit chakras whenever needed.

Whatever the mystical power the naruto sword may carry, it depends on the ninja using the sword on how they use it. If used in the normal way it will hardly be a sword. But if used with its mystical abilities it will be deadly for the opponent as each one has an ability but still retains the meaning of a sword in the background. This is the case for the swords mentioned above. The longer naruto katana are often used for battle and open combat while the shorter ones are often considered as a side arm which were suited for stabbing and closer combats. Furthermore the grooves also make a noise against the wind while moving which allow the ninja to check whether the sword is correctly angled or not.

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