Belly Dance Dragon Scimitar Wooden Handel Sword

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Total length of Sword: 33"
Blade Length: 24"
Handle Length: 9"
Free display stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 0.60 KG

Regular Price: $245.00

Special Price: $63.83


Belly dancing sword for sale!
Belly dance is a Western name for solo improvised dances based on torso belly dance is a Western-coined name for solo, improvised dances based on torso enunciation.

Belly dance can take up many forms in both costume and style depending on the country and region. In many places belly dancing is done with a sword. Dancing with a sword can deliver a feeling of power and extreme control. A dancer with a sword has a weapon and she shows how at ease she is dancing with it. Audiences love to see belly dancing with swords. When the belly dancer first produces a sword, the audiences get fascinated as they wonder what the dancer will do with it. When they see the belly dancer balance the sharp sword it is very impressive as a lot of skill, practice and dedication is involved to do this art form well. Dancers with swords are barely interrupted by the audiences.

A skilled belly dancer can restrict movements in one part of the body and keep the other parts perfectly moving in the other direction. Hence, a skilled belly dancer can use this skill by dancing with a sword.

How to balance the sword of your head
To balance a sword on your head, the trick is complete isolation. It can be tiring, risky and painful if you drop the sword. To practice complete isolation, first start with lighter things such a book, block of wood or broom handle.

Then begin with simple shimmies. Shimmy the hips, but keep your upper body and head perfectly still. Once you are able to balance your “practice sword” without dropping it, you can move onto more movements which require more control, such as camel or body waves. The downward figure eight look amazing and impressive when done well and with a sword on your head.

You can move onto the sword when you can balance your “practice sword” and do all the belly dancing moves easily. Now when you move onto the sword, you will notice that the handle is heavy of the sword. Hence, the balance point will be closer to the handle. Move the sword a bit until you find the balancing spot. It should sway a little at this spot but not fall off. A well balanced sword should lay on the edge with the blade perpendicular and the handle is straight and ready.

Sometimes, dancers wear a turban to help them in balancing the sword on their head. This is not “cheating” as such unless a very thick turban is used or it is used to hold the sword in some way. Some dancers have very thick hair and that also helps them in balancing the sword. Otherwise, dancers also use hair spray so that the sword does not slide off.

Once a dancer can dance easily and is comfortable with isolated movements, they can attempt to spin with the sword also. The trick is to try a dance move which requires you to put your arms above your head, and one arm should rest against the sword which you begin the spin. This helps in balancing the sword. If you are confident and experienced, you can attempt a perfect spin and drop your arms down also! However, this takes years of hard work and dedicated practice to master.

Ideal belly dancing sword
The ideal sword for attempting belly dancing needs to be:

· Curved – A curved sword is best with a smooth blade and no edge. The edge should be flat.

· No handguards – avoid swords with large handguards as they will throw the balance off. The balance of the sword means how straight it can stand straight on the edge without toppling off.

· No battle sword – Do not use a battle sword to belly dance as they are heavier and also have an edge which makes them very difficult and dangerous to dance with.

Shocking truth!
Experienced belly dancers can dance with more than one sword also! There are many who have mastered the art of isolation and can put one sword on their head and one on their hip and move effortlessly!

Belly dancing sword for sale!
We are sure many of our viewers will want to try this impressive art and may be ready to move onto dancing with their first sword. We have the perfect sword for you!

We at Swords Kingdom offer you a Belly dancing Dragon Scimitar Wooden Handle Sword.

· Total length of the sword is 33”
· Blade length is 24”
· Handle length is 9”
· The total weight is very less and it is just 0.60 KG!
· Comes with a display stand

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