Witch King Sword Replica - Lord Of The Rings
Official Witch King Sword From Lord Of The Rings Original price was: $550.00.Current price is: $275.00.
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Sauron's Mace And The One Ring - Lotr Replica Red Eye Edition
Sauron's Mace And The One Ring - Lotr Replica Red Eye Edition Original price was: $890.00.Current price is: $445.00.

Arwen’s Sword Hadhafang- LOTR Replica

Original price was: $635.94.Current price is: $320.97.

  • We are pleased to offer another officially licensed reproduction sword from the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings
  • This licensed recreation measures 38 1/8″ overall and offers a 30″ 420 stainless steel blade with sharp edge and laser etched runes
  • The solid wooden grip is accented with metal pommel and unique vine design and a wooden display stand is included

Description of Arwen’s Sword Hadhafang- LOTR Replica:

We are satisfied to offer one more formally authorized proliferation sword from the amazing set of three The Lord of the Rings. This is Arwen’s Sword Hadhafang- LOTR Replica , the sword of Arwen Evenstar, the little girl of Elrond and pledged of Aragorn. This authorized diversion estimates 38 1/8″ generally speaking and offers a 30″ 420 treated steel sharp edge with sharp edge and laser carved runes. The strong wooden hold is complemented with metal handle and one of a kind plant plan. Incorporates wooden showcase stand and testement of legitimacy.
 Arwen’s Sword Hadhafang- LOTR Replica , the renowned Elven blade wielded by Arwen Undómiel in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, is a testament to both craftsmanship and the legacy of the Elves. This replica of Hadhafang captures the essence of the original blade with exquisite attention to detail.

Crafted by skilled artisans, the replica features a sword that echoes the graceful curves of the original sword, extending to a length of approximately 36 inches. The stainless steel sword, with its finely etched Elven runes and intricate patterns, showcases the craftsmanship that defines Elven weaponry. The Arwen’s Sword silvery hue reflects the elegance and purity of the Elves, mirroring Arwen’s own grace and strength.

The hilt of the replica is an artwork in itself, adorned with an intricately designed guard that evokes the imagery of leaves and flowers, paying homage to the Elven connection to nature. The pommel is crowned with a shimmering gemstone that captures the essence of Arwen’s ethereal beauty.

The leather-wrapped grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, while the included display plaque allows this masterpiece to be showcased as the centerpiece of any collection. Whether displayed on a wall or held in hand, the Hadhafang replica is a tangible link to the grandeur of Tolkien’s world, a reminder of Arwen’s courage and devotion.

With this sword , fans and enthusiasts can bring a piece of Middle-earth into their lives, a symbol of Elven heritage and a connection to the epic tale that continues to captivate hearts and minds across generations.





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