Assassin Creed is one of the best action video game created by Ubisoft. It is based on the real events in the Golden age of Assassin Creeds. The story follows the set of Ptolemaic Egypt and the character Bayek, who fought for his people and led them to create the secret order of the Assassins. Assassin Creed game is famous all around the world. More than 140 million copies sold worldwide.

The game is not only popular, but the items used by Assassin Creeds are popular. People love to watch their heroes and keep their swords, daggers, and other items as a home decoration. You will be pleased that we have your favorite Assassins Creed Swords and daggers. These all items are officially licensed and made with high-quality material. So, don’t worry about quality and design. Just explore from below. You can also buy your favorite items from our Video Games Swords Category.

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Assassins Creed Altair Majestic Sword

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Assassin’s Creed Sword Breaker Dagger Stainless Steel Blade