Borgias Juan Sword
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Masamune Sephiroth Giant Odachi Sword by swordskingdom
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Auron Beast Master Masamune Sword

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Overall Length: 42.5″

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Product Details:

  • Blade Length: 26.5″
  • Handle Length: 16″
  • Handle: Wooden Handle With Leather Rap
  • Free Wall Plaque
  • Free Mild Leather Sheath
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Weight: 2 KG

Auron Beast Master Sword Description:

We are offering another Replica Blade of the Final Fantasy series. Auron Beast Master Masamune BBlade is here with all its beauty and art. The blade is one of the Masamune Blades, which refers to any broad Blades forged by the greatest Bladesmith of Japan Goro Nyudo Masamune himself. Such Blades were famous because of their qualities and pure steel. The Beastmaster Blade has an arty and striking design. The blade of the blade is curved and has the same on both sides. It widens in the ender section of the blade and carries a black pattern, as seen on the original blade. The most attractive part is cross guard, which leaves a terrifying impact on the viewer. The guard is made with heavy metal, and four eyes are carved on it. The hilt is covered with black leather for providing a relaxing grip, and also it demonstrates a charming contrast. Now, the collectors can get this blade at a Cheap price. Thus, Stop waiting and place your order today to save big. We are shipping worldwide and offering massive discounts on all the Final Fantasy Blades.

Auron is an icon for the people of Spira and a lifesaver at times. He has helped the protagonists to reach their goals and in protecting the world. He trained them and encouraged them to fight. He wears dark red hair with blue lining closed with two belts. He wears black glasses and a high-collared shirt to hide his face. He carries a jug of beverage with him used to ignite flames in need. It is his style to pay homage to former Samurais who had the same personalities. Many years have passed since Auron’s past mistakes, but still, he considers himself a loser. He is outraged and disgusted about his past failures to protect his friends. Now it is your time to grab Auron’s Blade and help the players to save the planet.

  • The overall length of Auron Beast Master Masamune Sword Replica is 42.5 Inches.
  • It has 26.5 inches of blade length and 16 inches of handle length.
  • You will get wall plaque and mild leather sheath free along with this replica sword.
  • Our experienced masters made it with both traditional and modern techniques.
  • It is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Its handle is constructed with leather-wrapped wood.
  • Auron sword replica is one of the best unique and elegant swords which can be used for home decoration or cosplay.

We, SwordsKingdom, selling this replica sword at an affordable price, so if you want to purchase it, order now, and it will be on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. You can also buy our popular pair of swords like Elven Warrior Sword & Masamune Sephiroth Sword or Zack Buster Sword & Masamune Sephiroth Sword.

Can I buy this sword in bulk?

Yes, you can buy this sword in bulk.

Which things come free with this product?

Wall plaque and mild leather sheath come free with this product.

How much do I have to pay for shipping this item at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depend on your location.

Weight 4.5 kg

2 reviews for Auron Beast Master Masamune Sword

  1. David Willey

    I was worried when i ordered at this shop because i had not good experience buying from other sources but this sword made me happy and I prefer swordskingdom whenever I will need another sword.

  2. time southee

    Price is bit high, overall worth purchasing. Thank you.

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