M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol
M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol Original price was: $189.94.Current price is: $94.97.
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Crossbow Arrows 5-Pack
Crossbow Arrows 5-Pack Original price was: $113.94.Current price is: $56.97.

Avalanche Trail Blazer Crossbow Wooden Stock

Original price was: $227.92.Current price is: $113.96.

  • Dimensions: 34″ x 26″
  • Strong 150-lb draw weight
  • Mounting rail for accessories
  • Adjustable aiming sights

Product description of Avalanche Trail Blazer Crossbow Wooden Stock :

The Avalanche Trail Blazer Crossbow Wooden Stock is a superior grade hunting weapon carefully designed to convey top-level execution and dependability in the field. Made with accuracy and tender loving care, this crossbow joins exemplary plan with current innovation to give trackers a flexible and trustworthy instrument for seeking after round, everything being equal.

The champion component of the Avalanche Trail Blazer , which not just adds a bit of polish to the crossbow yet in addition offers prevalent solace and dependability during use. Carefully assembled from great hardwood, the stock gives astounding strength and protection from mileage, guaranteeing long stretches of solid help even in the most extreme hunting conditions.

While,Worked for power and precision, the Pioneer flaunts an elite presentation recurve appendage framework intended to create great bolt speeds and dynamic energy. This outcomes in obliterating halting power and entrance, making it reasonable for hunting an extensive variety of game, from little game to bigger prey.

The crossbow’s minimized and lightweight plan makes it profoundly flexibility, permitting trackers to explore thick woods and restricted spaces effortlessly. Whether following prey or holding up in a visually impaired, clients can depend on the Pioneer to convey steady precision and execution in any hunting situation.

Outfitted with an accuracy machined aluminum rail and a smooth, responsive trigger instrument, the Pioneer offers smooth and predictable bolt trip for exact shot position at different distances. The included extension gives clear and exact pointing focuses, upgrading precision and trust in each shot.

Wellbeing is principal with the Torrential slide Pioneer, which includes an auto-security system to forestall unplanned terminating and guarantee safe taking care of consistently. Moreover, the crossbow accompanies a helpful positioning gadget for simple and proficient stacking, permitting trackers to remain fixed on the chase without interruption.

Whether utilized for hunting major game or sport shooting, the Avalanche Trail Blazer Crossbow Wooden Stock offers unparalleled power, precision, and unwavering quality in a work of art and exquisite bundle. With its mix of customary craftsmanship and current plan includes, this crossbow makes certain to intrigue even the most insightful trackers.


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