B.M.F. Black Tri-Edged Baton Dagger


Overall Length : 16inch

Overall Material : Stainless steel tri-edged blade

Product description of B.M.F. Black Tri-Edged Baton Dagger :

The B.M.F. Black Tri-Edged Baton Dagger is an impressive and flexible device made for the people who request the highest level of in execution and dependability. With its smooth and threatening plan, this knife is a demonstration of accuracy designing and unrivaled craftsmanship.

At the core of this weapon is its tri-edged sharp edge, masterfully created from great hardened steel. Each edge is fastidiously honed to razor-like accuracy, guaranteeing most extreme cutting viability and penetrating power. The exceptional tri-edged plan improves the knife’s tasteful allure as well as fundamentally builds its lethality, pursuing it an impressive decision for tight situation battle and self-preservation circumstances.

The stick handle of the knife gives remarkable hold and control, considering quick and exact moves during use. Its ergonomic plan fits serenely in the hand, limiting hand weakness and expanding client solace in any event, during broadened times of purpose. The finished surface of the handle further improves grasp, guaranteeing that the blade remains safely close by even in wet or tricky circumstances.

Included with the B.M.F. Black Tri-Edged Baton Dagger is a solid sheath intend for secure capacity and helpful convey. Create from rough materials, the sheath gives dependable assurance to the sharp edge while additionally taking into account fast and simple access when required. Its flexible plan includes numerous connection choices, including waist bands and MOLLE similarity, guaranteeing that clients can convey their blade in the most potential advantageous and open way.

Whether utilized for strategic tasks, self-protection, or as a gatherer’s thing, the B.M.F. Black Tri-Edged Baton Dagger conveys unmatched execution and flexibility. Its deadly tri-edged sharp edge, ergonomic handle, and rough sheath make it a considerable device that deserves admiration and imparts trust in its wielder. With its inflexible quality and determined scrupulousness, this knife makes certain to intrigue even the most insightful of clients.


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