Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows – Five Pack


  • Overall Length 16inch
  • A straightness tolerance of ±0.003” allows steady shots with great accuracy
  • lightweight but sturdy aluminum shaft with half-moon nocks

Product description of Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows – Five Pack :

The Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows Five-Pack offers a top notch answer for crossbow devotees looking for solid execution and strength. Create with accuracy and tender loving care, these Arrows are intend to convey steady exactness and deadly power with each shot, making them a fundamental expansion to any bowman’s weapons store.

Every bolt in this five-pack is built from great materials, including tough carbon fiber shafts and accuracy design tips, guaranteeing unrival execution and dependable strength. The carbon fiber development gives ideal strength and solidness, bringing about Arrows that fly straight and valid, even at high velocities.

Estimating 18 creeps long, these crossbow Arrows are impeccably measure for similarity with an extensive variety of Barnett crossbows, offering a flexible answer for trackers and target shooters the same. Whether you’re seeking after game in the field or improving your abilities on the reach, these bolts convey the power and accuracy required for steady, dependable execution.

The Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows Five-Pack highlight fletching intended to balance out flight and further develop exactness, guaranteeing tight groupings and exact shot situation. Moreover, every Arrow is furnish with a sharp, tough field point tip, giving most extreme entrance and deadly halting power upon influence.

Intend for comfort and usability, this five-bunch of bolts comes prepare to shoot from the get-go, permitting you to stack up and begin shooting with negligible arrangement require. Whether you’re a carefully prepare bowman or a fledgling crossbow devotee, these Arrows offer the presentation and unwavering quality you really want to succeed in your shooting interests.

In outline, the Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows Five-Pack gives a top notch answer for crossbow shooters looking for top-level execution and unwavering quality. With their solid development, accuracy designing, and predictable exactness, these bolts make certain to improve your shooting experience and assist you with making progress in the field or on the reach, many shots.


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