Battle Axe of Gimli & Gimli Helmet

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Product Details:

1-Axe Head Length: 11″
Axe Head Thickness: 3/8″
Axe Head Material: Forged tool steel, weathered and distressed finish, false-edged.
Handle Material: Solid wood, leather-wrapped grip, cast metal parts with an antiqued brass plated finish.

2-Width: 9″
Material: Solid Cast Metal, fully functional and wearable.
Interior: Leather Lined, zinc embellishments

Replica Battle Axe of Gimli Description:

The Battle Axe of Gimli is the primary warfare item of the Gimli like many other Dwarves in the famous movie Lord of the Rings. Gimli was selected to represent the dwarves in the fellowship of the ring due to the association of his father towards the Council of Elrond at Rivendell. Following the Fellowship becomes separated, Gimli fights valiantly alongside Legolas and Aragorn in the Fight of Helms Deep towards the Black Gates of Mordor. Together with his unshakable determination for achievement, he turns out to be an invaluable help to the Fellowship. In Moria, following a cave-troll destroys the tomb of his forefather, Balin, Gimli has the capacity to retrieve the mighty two-handed Fight Axe which had once belonged towards the Dwarf-the almighty. Here are the features of our version of the replica Battle Axe of Gimli.

  • The overall length of the Axe is almost 31 inches.
  • The head of the Axe is almost 11 inches long.
  • The head thickness is almost 3/8 inches.
  • The handle is made of solid wood.

Gimli Helmet Description:

During the fighting in the fellowship of the Rings, Gimli used a helmet also as a defensive warfare item. The helmet helped him a lot when he was fighting alongside Legolas and Aragorn. He almost always carried his helmet along with him to tackle any situation. We are offering the best quality swords replica pairs from famous movies and TV series. You can get these replicas from the Swords Kingdom at reasonable prices.

  • The overall length of the Gimli helmet replica is almost 9 inches.
  • The width of the helmet is nearly 9 inches.
  • It is made up of solid cast metal.
  • The interior is of leather lined with zinc embellishments.

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Are there any charges for blade sharpening?

Yes, there are some charges for blade sharpening of Axe. For that, contact customer chat service.

What is the construction material of the axe?

Gimli Axe is made with high-quality stainless steel.

Is there any cost of shipping?

Shipping charges depends on your location.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ian Smith

    I would love to give 10/10 marks to swords kingdom for sending such a great looking gimli helmet and axe. Highly recommended.

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  • Cody WiarekCody WiarekAffordable Rates

    I purchased Glamdring Sword as my first sword for my collection as I had only collected knives previously, this is an incredible start. For the price of $73 & 5 days shipping, It is a top quality product. I am very much happy with sword's quality, price.

  • Keith ConwayKeith ConwayAwesome Quality

    I would highly recommend the Swords Kingdom website to those people who are looking to add Katana Swords in their collection at very affordable rates. They are selling high-quality stainless steel blades with safe packaging.

Battle Axe of Gimli & Gimli Helmet
Battle Axe of Gimli & Gimli Helmet