RealFireNSteel - Kyojuro Rengoku's Red Nichirin Blade
RealFireNSteel - Kyojuro Rengoku's Red Nichirin Blade Original price was: $183.98.Current price is: $91.99.
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Enma Katana Sword
Enma Katana Sword Original price was: $175.98.Current price is: $87.99.

Battle-Ready Rengoku Nichirin

Original price was: $419.98.Current price is: $209.99.

  • Habaki Material: Brass
  • Handle Length: 10.375 in.
  • Overall Length: 39.25 in.
  • Blade Length: 28.5 in.

Description Of Battle-Ready Rengoku Nichirin:

In the faint dusk of the devil plagued world, a single figure arises, washed in the warm sparkle of the sunset. Clad in dazzling blood red protection decorated with multifaceted fire themes. The Battle-Ready Rengoku Nichirin remains as the embodiment of a steady fighter. A gatekeeper against the infringing murkiness. His presence alone deserves admiration, a living image of faithful assurance and immovable determination.

The core of Rengoku’s fight prepared munititions stockpile lies in his Nichirin sword. An edge fashioned from the most extraordinary and most strong materials known to man. Its well honed edge shines menacingly, mirroring the perishing coals of the sun like it were an encouraging sign in the looming night. The actual edge is a demonstration of the craftsmanship of the best swordsmiths. Its structure flawlessly mixing polish with lethality.

Emblazoned along the length of the edge are antiquate runes. Each instilled with defensive and hostile charms. These spiritualist images, went down through ages, reverberate with a power that rises above the actual domain. At the point when Rengoku unsheathes his blade, the air snaps with an electric force. An introduction to the tempest of steel and fire that is going to be release.

The handle of the Nichirin sword is envelope by graceful leather. By giving a safe grasp to Rengoku’s hands, callous from endless fights. Carved into the knob is the symbol of his heredity, an honorable sign and obligation that energizes his unwavering obligation to vanquishing the evil scourge.

Rengoku’s covering, a show-stopper of both structure and capability. Bycomprises of interlocking plates that manage the cost of him unmatched portability without compromising security. The blazing red tints of the defensive layer appear to hit the dance floor with an inward fire, an outward indication of the hellfire that consumes inside Rengoku’s spirit.

As the war zone reverberations with the conflict of steel and the thunders of devils, Battle-Ready Rengoku Nichirin, remains as an encouraging sign, a bursting power of nature prepared to deal with the infringing haziness directly.


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