Demon Slayer Sword
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Battle Ready Inosuke Hashibira's Nichirin
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Battle-Ready Sanemi Nichirin

Original price was: $419.98.Current price is: $209.99.

  • Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Habaki Material: Brass
  • Tsuba Size: 3.5 in.
  • Handle Length: 10.875 in.
  • Overall Length: 39.875 in.

Product description of Battle-Ready Sanemi Nichirin :

Step into the wild universe of “Evil spirit Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” with the Battle-Ready Sanemi Nichirin Sword, a carefully created copy that gives recognition to the Breeze Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa. This excellent piece consolidates shocking style with practical accuracy, offering devotees and gatherers a vivid association with the strength and resolve of one of the series’ imposing characters.

Produce with fastidious tender loving care, the cutting edge of Sanemi’s Nichirin Blade is create from excellent harden steel, guaranteeing toughness as well as a dangerously sharp edge equip for slicing through the strongest devilish enemies. The cutting edge’s striking purplish blue shade, delegate of the Breeze Hashira’s procedures, adds a true touch, making it a charming focal point for any assortment.

While,The handle of the blade is a show-stopper, complicatedly intended to reproduce Sanemi’s exceptional style. Made from premium materials, the handle gives an agreeable and secure hold, permitting devotees to employ the blade with certainty and legitimacy. The gatekeeper, both useful and decorative, mirrors the Breeze Hashira’s unmistakable plan, finishing the sword’s stylish allure.

However,In excess of a simple collectible, the Battle-Ready Sanemi Nichirin Sword is intended for vivid encounters. Whether gladly showed in your assortment or employed for cosplay, the blade’s equilibrium and weight circulation offer a material association with the universe of evil spirit slayers. Feel the power and accuracy of Sanemi’s Breeze Breathing procedures as you step into the shoes of this considerable person.

For fans looking for a definitive “Devil Slayer” memorabilia, this Nichirin Sword surpasses assumptions, catching the pith of Sanemi Shinazugawa’s strength. Lift your assortment and honor one of the series’ loved characters with this credible and outwardly dazzling imitation. Own a piece of the “Evil presence Slayer” universe and typify the impressive strength of Sanemi with the Battle-Ready Sanemi Nichirin Sword.


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