Belly Dance Dragon Scimitar Gold Plated Sword

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Length Overall of Sword: 34.5"
Blade measurement: 28"
Handle Length: 6.5"
Free display stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Unlike the other swords, this does not include a cover.
Full Golden Sword
Weight: 0.98 KG

Regular Price: $115.00

Special Price: $72.17


Dragon Scimitar Sword is a new type of a sword, specially designed for sword dances. It is beautiful and well designed. The base of the Dragon Scimitar Sword has a head of a dragon which is well detailed. Moreover, the sword is suitable for the tribal style of dance as well. The sword allows the owner to tweak the balance of the sword by making certain modifications. It allows the owner to insert a washer, which is made up of metal, in the sword. Almost all the swords in the world come with a cover. However, the Dragon Scimitar Sword does not come with a cover. The owner can, of course buy one if he needs it.

The Dragon Scimitar Sword has a lot of uses. One can use the sword for showing his balance skills to the people in belly dancing. Moreover, the sword makes an excellent show piece. The dragon at the base enhances the beauty of the sword. The handle of the sword has a silver colored dragon. There is a small area at the top of the blade of the sword which is jagged just to give the person a better balance of the sword. There is a moon and a star at the tip of the blade. The blade is made up of stainless steel. The length of the blade of the sword is precisely 29 ½”. Moreover, the length of the entire sword is 36 ½”.

Details of the Dragon Scimitar Sword are listed below.

1. The blade of the sword is made up of stainless steel. It is guaranteed that the sword will not rust as the time passes by.

2. The blade of the sword is quite long. It measures 28 inches.

3. The handle is another important part of the sword which offers greater and better grip than handles of other swords. The length of the sword is approximately 6.5 inches.

4. The length of the sword, as a single unit is 34.5 inches.

5. The sword weight is less than a kilogram. Therefore, it should not be a problem to balance and go tricks with it. The weight is exactly 0.98 kilograms.

6. The sword is completely golden which enhances its beauty. Moreover the sword has a display stand as well. All these factors make the sword even prettier.

7. The sword does not come in a cover. However, the market is full of sword covers and the owner of the sword can buy it from the market.

The name of the Dragon Scimitar Sword has been derived from a traditional Persian sword. The name of the sword comes from the Persian word ‘for sword’. The sword is beautiful and is an extended type of sabre as it has a curve up top. The head of the dragon on the sword is made up of the same material as the sword. The sword is well balanced and ready for you to use it in your next performance as it is balanced for all sorts of movements. In order to help one keep his balance during performance, special measures have been taken during the design of the sword. The edge of the blade has some extra cuts which help one to keep his balance during the performance. The sword is quite attractive and you are surely going to attract people’s attention during your act.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the world related to human health. Fitness experts have devised 100’s of methods to help the common man attain full fitness. Experts have deduced that pole dances help one in losing weight, approximately 350 calories an hour. This can make one attractive and inject in him a superiority complex which is much needed in the modern day. It can help one to get rid of all the excess weight in his body. In this way, his body shape, size and weight can improve a great deal. Belly Dance, Dragon Scimitar Sword Mastering to Pole Dance – Woman all over the world is learning the art of pole dances as it offers a lot of advantages. Men like it; it gives woman pleasure as well as helps them get back into shape. As odd as it might sound, the method has received positive reviews from woman. College students taking such exercises have reported that there relations have improved. The spice in the relationships is back up, much to the delight of people. A lot of investment, both in terms of money and time has come in the regard as a result of the positives it generates in human life. Moreover, the sword dance is another thing that a person can do in order to achieve fitness. The Dragon Scimitar Sword helps the person in this regard.

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