Belly Dance Dragon Scimitar Sword Silver Handle

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Overall Length: 34.5"
Blade measurement: 28"
Handle Length: 6.5"
Free display stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Unlike the other swords, this does not include a cover.
Weight: 0.92 KG

Regular Price: $85.00

Special Price: $56.78


Scimitar Sword


The Scimitar sword is also known as Saif (Arabic word literary meaning a sword or blade) was the fighting item used by warriors in middle-east during medieval times. The earliest known use of the Scimitar sword was is from the 9th century, when it was used by Muslim soldiers of the Abbasid Empire in central Asia. The sword was primary fighting item of Muslim soldiers fighting for the Ottoman and other Muslim empires against crusaders. Its curved blade was easily recognizable and help Muslim soldiers distinguish between friends and foes because at that time the enemies of the Muslim empire usually wield swords with a straight blade. The Muslim soldiers of that era were so skilled in the use of the Scimitar sword that the sword was considered as a fighting item designed solely for Muslim soldiers.

Product Description:

    • Its blade length is almost 4.5 inches.
    • The blade of the sword is 28 inches long.
    • The handle grip is about 6.5 inches.
    • It weighs around 0.92kg.
    • It comes with a free display stand.


The Scimitar sword was a fighting item of great use in a battle. The Scimitar sword serves its owner best when the wielder is sitting on a horse-back because of its lightweight and great balance as compared to other straight blade swords. The scimitar sword has no cover so it is mostly kept un-sheathed while riding into a battle. The unsheathed blade of scimitar used to shine brightly under the sun giving it a look of lethal beauty, increasing confidence, mesmerizing the onlooker and striking fear in the heart of its enemies. The curved blade allowed the wielder to slice its way through the opponents’ bodies and keep riding without getting stuck. The popularity of the Scimitar sword soon spread to other Muslim empires including Turkish, Mongols and Mughals.

    • The Scimitar sword is one of the most uniquely designed swords of medieval times.
    • The blade is curved into a crescent shape (the shape of the crescent is considered a holy symbol in Islam),
    • While the scimitar handle is beautifully carved and usually made up of silver or other precious metals (mostly the hilt of Scimitar swords for knights Soldiers were made up of silver while Gold is used in making the hilt of a scimitar sword for a King).
    • The sword is beautifully decorated from the tip of the sword to the start of its handle.
    • The custom sword is curved and sharp as a razor even if it is made only for the purpose of dancing.
    • The hilt of the sword is slightly turned to one side for a better grip.
    • The sword is extremely well balanced i.e the weight of the blade is almost equal to the weight of hilt making it easier for the wielder or dancer to perform his skills with accuracy.
    • The dragon-shaped hilt is decorated by carving silver into exotic shapes, no other metal or material is used in decorating the sword

Graceful to look upon and fearful for those who stand against it the scimitar sword serves its purpose in the war for a long time mostly in the hands of Muslim soldiers fighting against Crusaders. But soon after the end of these wars, the soldiers started using Scimitar for a completely different purpose i.e Dancing. So after serving its purpose in battleground the soldiers started to use it on the dancing stage.

The special dance with the Scimitar sword was known as Raks al- Saif i.e the dance with a sword or more commonly known as Belly dance and other types of tribal dances. This type of dance soon became one of the most favorite dance types in middle-east. The beauty of this dance lies in the art of proper balancing of the sword. Soon the dragon Scimitar sword was modified (for instance one of the modification to aid dancers was turning the handle to one side) to increase their balance and make the dance more fluent. The dancers were specially trained as it was quite dangerous to dance with a sword as sharp as Scimitar.

Even today the belly dance sword is quite famous and its popularity is growing beyond all human-created borders. The Scimitar appears as a symbol on many important flags, badges and coat of arms of different countries across the globe. The symbols appears on flags of Kingdom Saudi-Arabia, Kingdom of Yemen, and Parliamentary flag of Mexico, etc. The scimitar sword is depicted on the coat of arms of the Pakistani army, the Palestinian army, and Saudi army. It is now safe to say that with time the Scimitar sword is turned into a legendary symbol of bravery and beauty.


    • The handling of a Scimitar sword requires great skills, a lot of training and understanding of the blade.
    • Muslim soldiers were given special training in sword fighting before making them an owner of the Scimitar sword.
    • The soldiers were given wooden sticks or blunt blade during their training.
    • The process of training was based on strength, ferocity, and accuracy in cutting/slicing targets.

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