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Tipu Sultan Silver Sword

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Total length: 34"
Blade: 28"
Handle: 6"
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Regular Price: $295.00

Special Price: $53.89


Belly Dance Tipu Sultan Silvex Sword
Belly dance Tipu Sultan Silvex sword makes a great aesthetic view and is used in various forms of dance especially in Belly Dancing. This sword belonged to The Emperor and conqueror Tipu Sultan who was a Legend of his own time. Baring the sword Tipu Sultan fought many battles in Sub-Continent and won a lot of battles under the blade of the sword. Sultan’s sword shows the aesthetics of his complex personality, a masterpiece of beautiful craftsmanship. The tipu sultan sword was possessed fiercely by the Sultan until his last breath. The Sword has been displayed internationally in numerous countries. This sword is a symbol of bravery and chivalry at its best, as the possessor of this sword had both traits.

Product Description:
The sword of tipu sultan we are displaying has been shown in many movies and also in television shows.
• Tipu sultan sword has an overall length of 34 inch, knife length of 28 inches. The length of handle is 6 inches.
• The tipu sultan sword is made of Stainless steel.
• Weight of the Sword is 0.85 KG.
• The weight of the tipu sultan sword enables it to be used as an ornament of decoration.
• The sword’s knife is a long slender, finely tapered single edged water blade.
• The tipu sultan sword is a perfect accessory for Belly dance and tribal dance.
• The hilt is in the form of tiger shaped head.
• Our online store of Sword has a wide range of Replicas of swords that are solely accessible just on our website.

Tipu Sultan, one of the most dominant rulers of sub-continent was also known as ‘Tiger of Mysore’. Tipu Sultan showed interest in learning various languages and academics from an early age. His dignified personality and simple way of life made him more than an ordinary ruler. He was respected by his people. At an early age of 15 years, Tipu Sultan was instructed in military by French Officers. Tipu Sultan accompanied his father in the First British Mysore War. Tipu Sultan studied subjects such as Riding, Koranic Studies, shooting, Swordsmanship, Islamic Jurisprudence and languages including Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Tipu Sultan was a great Ruler; He developed a new form of coinage, and also promoted silk production for international trade purposes. He was particularly fascinated by new technologies. Sultan was an avid student of Mathematics and Science. Tipu Sultan took part it in four wars against the British in Sub-continent eventually losing by being outnumbered in resources and men, but Tipu Sultan is still remembered as a great warrior in all of the Sub-continent.

Tipu Sultan is one of the most Renowned rulers in History of Sub-continent. Tipu Sultan was the Ruler of Kingdom of Mysore. His full name was Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu. Sultan was born to the Ruler Haider Ali and ascended his throne after his Death. In 1766, Tipu Sultan at a mere age of 15 years old got the first chance to apply his military training in the battlefield; He accompanied his father to the Invasion of Malabar. Young Sultan took charge of a force around two to three thousands in number, Sultan cleverly managed to Capture the Malabar’s chief family who took refuge in a fort under the protection of heavy guards, The Malabar’s chief and the other leaders soon followed his example. This was the start of an amazing military career for a man who would then define the History of his times. During the mid of 18th Century, the British East India Company tried to gain supreme power over the South India by playing Kingdoms and principalities from one and other and from The French, the allies of the then King and Ruler of Mysore Haider Ali, Father of Tipu Sultan. This Led One of the many Anglo-Mysore wars , during this time Tipu Sultan led a cavalry raid on Madras but due to his Father’s defeat to the British he had to be called back to aid him. The Tipu Sultan along with his Father then went onto tear the coast and captured British ruled cities and Forts. A treaty was signed with The British, who then later on disagreed the terms. Soon another was sieged; Sultan led a cavalry around men of 5000 under the instructions of his Father and successfully did what he was asked. During the Second Anglo-Mysore war Sultan was made the ruler of kingdom of Mysore because of the ill health of his Father. Sultan was more than an able ruler and military tactician. During the period of power transaction from Haider Ali to Tipu sultan British Army formed more allies in the Sub-Continent, and another series of Anglo-Mysore war continued, Sultan led his troops well and settled for peace. But Britain wanted absolute power in Sub-Continent so they gathered a troop of 50,000 Men who were one of the finest of their army and led an attack on Mysore, Sultan resisted well but due to other problems in The France their allies had not provided adequate support. Tipu Sultan was defeated and his body was found under the pile of defenders in Seringapatam. Tipu Sultan died defending his honor and his City.

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