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Anime Inspired grimmjow sword replica
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Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Anime Sword

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Overall Length with scabbard: 52.25”

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Product Details:

Overall Length with scabbard: 52.25”
Blade Length: 38.5″
Handle Length: 14″
Blade Construction: High-Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Double-Sided Blade Edge
Handle: Wooden Mild Leather Wrapped
Fitting: Solid Metal, Silver Antique Finish Pommel and Guard
Free Mild Leather Sheath

Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Anime Sword History:

It was wielded by the protagonist character “Guts” in the Anime series “Berserk”. Gut was a mercenary for hire, a man who could kill anybody without any second thoughts and was tough enough to slay hundreds of men in a single battle. The hard and rough past made him what he was. With a complex nature and attractive personality, Guts has been fans favorite character for quite some time even if the Anime and Manga have ended.

Moreover, The Guts sword is known as Dragon Slayer because it was used to slice armors, horses, men and even other fighting items that came in its way. What we have here is a 52.25 inches version long enough to fulfill your desires. As it’s a replica version, don’t expect it to slice trees or something. The Dragon Slayer sword features a cast metal hilt that is wrapped with black leather for ensuring a comfortable grip. The guard is a solid metal that possesses a lengthy blade. The pointed tip of the sword is slightly sharp but nothing could make it more desirable.

Did you know that you could now actually buy the Gigantic Berserk Guts Sword in Massive black edition in real life? Well, here it is with all its might. See below for specific features.

  • The overall length of this long sword is 52.25 inches.
  • The blade of the sword is almost 38.5 inches.
  • Authentic looking solid stainless steel construction replica
  • Full cast metal Hilt and pommel
  • The leather-wrapped handle of length 14 inches.
  • Silver Finished Lengthy blade with a pointed tip and real like a balanced structure.

So, grab the opportunity to get this gigantic sword in your collection. You will get this with amazingly exceptional features under affordable prices. You can check our other products like movie and tv series swords, video game series swords, and others from our category section.For faster shipping and high quality berserk guts dragonslayer sword, you can check out

Is it a real sword?

No, it is a replica of Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword.

What comes free along with the Sword?

It comes along with free mild leather sheath.

Can i get a sharp edged blade?

Yes, you can get a sharp edged blade by paying 5$ extra.

Do you have Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword 46

Yes, we are also selling Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword Dual Finish 46

Weight 5 kg

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  1. kixama

    Fast shipping, good product

  2. Lewis

    10/10 for the shipping, customer service, product quality and packaging. Highly recommended

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