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Klingon Bat’leth- The weapon from Star Trek
The bat’leh, also known as the ‘Sword of honor’ was a traditional Klingon blade weapon. The Klingon Bat’leh is a well-known two-handed melee weapon of the Klingon Empire. It is widely considered as the most famous weapon among Klingon warriors. This weapon was mostly preferred by Klingon warriors who were skillful in the martial arts.

A bat’leh is an edged weapon having a curved blade, handholds on the back and four points. This weapon was created and designed by Dan Curry, who was the visual effect producer of the movie ‘Star Trek: The next generation’. It was mostly used by the Klingons within canon. The visual effects producer said that the bat’leths were the most iconic images related to the show. There is a smaller version of this weapon too, which is known as the ‘mek’leth’. This weapon has appeared in a several TV shows outside of the Star Trek franchise. The bat’leh is so popular that there are Replica’s available for collection plus they are also used in costuming. They have been used in crimes several times; the legality of the weapon varies from country to country.

Bat’leths are the weapons used in brawls or fights. They have a variation when it comes to strikes used in a combination series. This weapon can easily go through the personal shields directly causing 80% damage to the target’s weapon.

The Klingon weapon is almost a meter long and resembles a crescent shape with four points. The Bat’leh was exercised using three handholds along the blades outside edge and is carried along the inside of the arm. The modern bat’leth typically weighs 5.3 kilograms and is 116 centimeters long. It comprises of baakonite metal and has an exterior hand grip diameter, which is five centimeters long.

According to Klingon mythology, in the 9th century, Kahless the Un

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