Black Ninja Sword Set
Black Ninja Sword Set Original price was: $295.92.Current price is: $147.96.
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1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath
1942 U.S. Combat Sword With Sheath Original price was: $139.94.Current price is: $69.97.

Black Legion Death Stalker Sword With Nylon Sheath

Original price was: $73.98.Current price is: $36.99.

  • Razor sharp 18 1/2″ black stainless steel blade
  • Entire sword is one piece of tough steel
  • Ergonomic black cord-wrapped handle
  • Ominously jagged, fang-like cutouts
  • Includes heavy duty nylon sheath
  • Overall length: 25 3/4″

Description of Black Legion Death Stalker Sword With Nylon Sheath:

An evil looking weapon with the nibble to back it up, Black Legion’s Death Stalker Sword dribbles with dull, agonizing style and fierce cutting power. The blade threat is produce from a solitary piece of extreme tempered steel, cover in a dismal dark completion that highlights its fiendish savagery. Just the painstakingly sharpen edges of the Demise Stalker’s 18 1/2″ cutting edge are allow to remain uncover, yielding an emotional visual difference that immaculately supplements the edge’s smooth lines and sensitive curve. Barbed, tooth like pattern embellishments between the cutting edge and deal with adroitly propagate the Death Stalker’s depressing stylish theme.

Enveloped by sturdy dark string, the elegantly moderate handle makes this one-piece dark magnificence a delight to employ, in any event, for broadened slicing meetings. The adapted spikes at the knob’s corners reverberation the rough patterns underneath the handle. Joined, these rugged paw , tooth or horn-like accents bestow the Black Legion Death Stalker Sword With Nylon Sheath with a furious carnal, practically savage energy that is certain to dampen any enemy who considers standing up to it. Yet, remember the Death Stalker is a serious weapon with serious severing clout; this is no simple dream sword, plane to be consign to a wall or show case.

The included uncompromising dark nylon sheath makes transport a breeze – regardless of where you “stalk” your prey. Whether displayed in an assortment or waved in the field, Black Legion’s threatening, brutally gorgeous Death Stalker Sword has a frightful, practically ridiculous capacity to stand out and respectful wonder from all who look at it.

The Black Legion Death Stalker Sword with Nylon Sheath consolidates smooth style with considerable usefulness. Created with accuracy, its well honed tempered steel cutting edge displays a vile dark wrap up, mirroring its name’s embodiment. The richly shaped handle flaunts a finished hold for ideal control and solace during use. The included nylon sheath, intended for both assurance and compactness, guarantees safe capacity and simple vehicle.


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