Black Lightning Spikes


  •  overall length 6inch
  • Solid metal construction
  • Includes covert nylon wrist sheath

Product description of Black Lightning Spikes :

Presenting Black Lightning Spikes , a definitive non-deadly self-preservation device intended to give compelling security and true serenity in any circumstance. Made with accuracy and designed for dependability, these spikes offer a careful yet strong method for dissuading likely dangers and guarantee your wellbeing any place you go.

Develope from great treat steel, Black Lightning Spikes  are work to endure the afflictions of day to day use and give reliable execution when you want it most. The smooth dark completion adds a dash of refinement to the spikes while likewise improving their strength and erosion opposition, guaranteeing they stay powerful and solid over the long haul.

Each spike includes a smaller and lightweight plan, making them simple to convey and hide for cautious self-preservation. Whether you’re strolling alone around evening time, running in the recreation area, or exploring occupied city roads, Dark Lightning Spikes furnish you with a dependable method for security against likely assailants and attackers.

The sharp tip of each spike is intend to convey a strong obstacle to would-be dangers, successfully crippling attackers and giving you valuable minutes to disappear to somewhere safe and secure. The spikes can be utilize to strike or punch at an aggressor’s weak regions, hurting agony and inconvenience without causing super durable.

Flexible and simple to utilize, Black Lightning Spikes can be convey rapidly and really in crisis circumstances. With a basic flick of the wrist, you can release the overwhelming power of the spikes, giving you the high ground in conflicts and guaranteeing your security and prosperity.

Notwithstanding their guarded abilities, Black Lightning Spikes can likewise be utilize for different outside exercises and assignments. Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors in the wild, climbing on tough paths, or dealing with Do-It-Yourself projects at home, these spikes give a flexible and solid device for a large number of uses.

For added comfort, each arrangement of Black Lightning Spikes  accompanies a tough nylon sheath for simple capacity and transport. The sheath includes a solid conclusion component to keep the spikes securely contained when not being used, permitting you to convey them with certainty any place you go.


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