Black Ninja Sword Set


  • 34″ overall length
  • 2 piece removable ninja stars
  • Mini tanto knife with full-tang blade
  • Throwing knives included

Description of Black Ninja Sword Set:

A 23″ carbon steel bladed ninjato sword is included in this ninja set. The cast metal handle has a hilt that is wrapped in nylon cord. Throwing knives, small tantos, and 2-piece detachable throwing stars are also included in the ninja set. includes a scabbard that matches.

Hoist your military ability with the Black Ninja Sword Set, an assortment that encapsulates the pith of secrecy and accuracy. This set is fastidiously intended to mirror the persona of the ninja, mixing smooth current craftsmanship with the revered methods that characterized their specialty.

Every sword in the set elements an extremely sharp tempered steel edge, sharpened flawlessly for excellent cutting execution. The matte dark completion adds to the visual allure as well as limits glare, upgrading the blades’ covert emanation. The unmistakable bend of the cutting edge gives proper respect to the conventional ninjato configuration, advanced for quick and quiet strikes.

The dark string wrapped handles give a safe grasp, guaranteeing exact control in battle circumstances. The gatekeeper includes an interesting plan that supplements the ninja’s tasteful, while the knob is created for equilibrium and simplicity of taking care of. The set’s casings are similarly smooth, intended for speedy and watchful organization, a sign of the ninja’s strategic methodology.

Showing a striking solidarity, the Black Ninja Sword Set’s steady dark variety plan and in general tasteful lucidness make it an optimal expansion to any gatherer’s grandstand. Whether gladly showed or rehearsed with, these blades catch the substance of the ninja’s undercover workmanship, helping lovers to remember when ability, accuracy, and mystery characterized the way of the shadow hero.


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