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Bleach Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu Sword 42 inches

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Bleach Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu Sword 42 inches
Sword Overall Length with Scabbard: 43.5"
Total Length: 42"
Blade Length: 30"
Handle: 12"
Free display stand
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.52 KG

Regular Price: $225.00

Special Price: $207.00


Ichigo, a main character from the anime series Bleach is a Zanjutsu and holds the Zanpakutō, Soul-Cutter Sword; Viz “Soul Slayer”). Zanpakuto is the most lethal weapon in the series and had been primarily yielded by Ichigo so has been known as Ichigo’sZanpakuto throughout.

Zanpakuto are derived from owner’s soul and are of different ranks. It looks like a traditional Japanese sword, and shape varied according to owner’s qualities. Zanpakuto are the Shinigami’s trademark weapons. The weapon can even cut spiritual objects and can also be used to combat hallows. Each Shangimi carries a Zanpakuto and each Zanpakuto is unique and Ichigo’sZanpakuto is most famous. Zankaputo. Every Shinigami yields a zanpakuto, each with a unique soul and unique powers according to the owner’s personality. Once a shinigami learns of his Zanpakuto, he communicates with it till their bond gets stronger. Zanpakuto are born along with their specific Shinigami and they die with it. Shinigami use them in their fights to reflect their hearts. When released in a battle a Zanpakuto can release vibrant powers to overcome the enemy and convict them.

How does Zanpakuto work?
Inside of each of Zanpakuto there lies an incarnation, which can manifest itself upon the Zanpakuto’s transformation. The first step to release the incarnation is to get aquatinted with it. Zanpakuto is also Arrancar’s primary weapon but unlike theShinigami it possess the power todestroy hollows. EachZanpakuta has a name which must be discovered by the beholder to unleash its true powers.

Zanpakutō Facts:
OetsuNimaya solely forges all asauchi. There never has been a Shinigami who awakened his own Zanpakuto without yielding a Nimaya forged Asuachi. Zanpakutocannto never be replaced as they are a part of owners’ sole and it slowly regenerates if broken.
Will is the only thing that can fiz a broken Zanpakuto, often called as Reiatsu. This can only be done when the hilt of the sword remain in contact and relates with one’s shikai. However destruction of Shaki and bankai holds a very different meaning as banaki can never be replaced.
The Zanpakuto’s size also depends upon the spiritual powers of Swordsman and how strong he is mentally. Immense power is usually required to control a sword of bigger size and ichigo’sZanpakuto was not small at all.
If a Shinigami stabs or thrusts his Zanpakuto in a human and flows their reryoku throughout the body, it would temporarily transform the human into a Shinigami too. This depend on spiritual powers of human too, if he is strong he would turn into a Shinigami too, else he would die. Usually a Zanpakuto can determine if a wielder is worthy enough for the powers or not, Zanpakuto may never give out its true name and bankai to the wielders, if he is not worthy enough.
Zanpakutos have a body and a mind that resides inside their Shinigami, just like Ichigo’sZanpakuta. Like Ichigo, a Shinigami can grow stronger by grasping powers on Zanpakuto and communicating with it. Zanpakuto’s also posses Reiatsu’s of their own, which again is identical to yielder’s but with subtle differences.
Also it is possible for Zanpakutos to lose harmony and understanding with the Shinigami, if they are suffering mental stability or torture, resulting in Zanpakuto unable to hear the yielder, thus denying access to shikai of sword despite knowledge of its name.
Another thing mentionable about Zanpakuto is that no matter how big, powerful or heavy it is, it is never difficult for Shingami to hold and is virtually effortless. Although the shinigamis sally kept the sizes manageable else they would be exhibiting too much power. One can never guess strength of a Zanpakuto by the size just like ichigo’sZanpakuto.
There has never been a Zanpakuto without Shika and Bankia abilities or unrelated abilities. And a Zanpakuto can never use more than one elementary attack.

Ichigo’sZanpakuto is one of the most iconic swords from the series and is considered to be very powerful and vile. The Overall Length of the sword is around 43.5, inches, the Handle is 11.5 inches long and the blade is 29.5 inches in length. There is a comfortable hang guard which measure about 3 ¾ inch. The Blade is made of pure 440 Stainless steel and has a high glossy look to it which is painted in black. The guard is also made of same materials and finished in same colors.
Ichigo’sZanpakuto is one of the most powerful weapon in fictional world and I not short of danger in the real world too, the weapon proves to be great for all sorts of combat and certainly the one you can rely on even without its fictional powers. The exceptional blade is made to win battles.

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