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Bleach Love Aikawa Sword

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Sword Overall Length: 39.5"
Blade: 26 inches
Handle: 13.5"
Free display Stand
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Scabbard Material: Wood with High Gloss Blue and Black Finish

Regular Price: $225.00

Special Price: $205.00


Katana Love Aikawa Sword
The Katana Love aikawa Sword belongs to Rabu Aikawa who is more popularly known as Love Aikawa. His role in the anime series although quite short but was very entertaining. He was the former captain of the 7th division. He is one of the Shinigami that have acquired the powers of the hollows. As a previous commander, Love has dominance over swordsmanship, shunpo, kido enchantment and combative technique. Other than his teachings Love additionally has improved quality and monstrous profound force. Like all Shinigami Love has a Zanpakutō.

Love appears in the 25th bleach. He represents the 90th century. He has dark eyes and a thick dark spiked afro which adds further to his tall stature. Lovebrandishes a green running suit and wears reflected sunglasses at all times. 110 years back,when he was a commander,he had long sideburns and his hair was in a fantastic, adjusted afro style. He wore a standard Shinigami uniform with a sleeveless skipper’s haori and a couple of dim lensed sunglasses.He looks like a rap star due to the afro hair and the costume.

Love is a laid-back and accommodating man, typically perusing Shōnen Jump or some of Lisa’s erotic manga in his extra time, as a general rule, ruining a bit of the story by citing lines and clarifying what the character implied by it in a sensational, intense fellow attitude, practically as though he was a performer practicing film lines. Likewise with most Visored, Love’s state of mind changes from genuine to cheery inside a second to react. Amid his time as a commander, Love had confidence in admiration and keeping up the peace, brisk to maintain those benchmarks when nobody else would.

Katana Love aikawa Sword is a master swordsman. Due to his former captainship love has become skilled in the art of swordsmanship. He even blocked a spiritually charged attack from Kensei in his unreleased blade. Along with this he is a Shunpo expert. His Shunpo is quick enough to stay aware of other Captains when they were racing to the scene of the clash, but he appears to be slower than Shinji. Also he possesses a great level of spiritual power. He has a dual type of spiritual power being a Visored.

Katana Love aikawa Sword hollow mask takes the form of the Japanese Oni mask. His strength and durability get a boost while wearing the mask as his Hollow powers supplement his Shinimagi powers. He has multiple advantages of wearing the mask:

Enhanced durability: Love has shown that use of his mask awards him fierce physical quality.

Enhanced Strength: Love commonly has extensive strength, yet it shows up he must at present Hollowify to successfully counter an assault like Cero. According to Love, his and Rose’s cover time point of confinement is 3 minutes, which he facetiously says is on account of they are ‘superheroes’.

Kagamibiraki: this means mirror opening. A strategy of pure, raw quality that permitted Love to tear a Menos Grande down the middle by sticking his exposed hands through its head and pulling it apart.

The Katana Love aikawa Sword form the bleach series is one of the best sword made so far. Love aikawas sword or Tengumara which means Long-Nosed Goblin is a normal average sword when in its sealed form. It has a white hilt covering and a tsuba which is heart shaped. The lavender in the sword gives it a nice combination and enhances the fairness.During his Shinigami days he wore it on his waist but after being Visored he started to wear it over his shoulder with a toju.

To release his sword he commands his Katana Love aikawa Sword to crush down. Tengumaru which literally means long nosed goblin, changes into a substantial dark kanabō, more than double the tallness of Katana Love aikawa Sword owner himself. It is secured with bladed projections in a manner taking after a cactus, and the handle itself is practically taller than Love. It is likewise exceptionally durable, as indicated when it squares, and even seems to dissipate, Starrk’s Cero impacts effortlessly. The Tengumaru has a special ability that allows it manipulate fire. This ability is known as:

Hifuki no Koduchi:
Hifuki no Koduchi literally means fire blowing gravel. Love swings Tengumaru up and it touches off itself in blazes. He then focuses it downwards and a tremendous fireball fires from the tip where after reaching the focus on the blaze blasts outwards an incredible separation with the ensuing impact being solid enough to collapse structures close to the core of effect. At the site of impact a tremendous section of smoldering blazes structures further burning anything in the range.


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