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Bleach Zaraki Kenpachi Zanpakuto Anime Sword

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Overall Length: 43"
BLADE Length:28"
Free Display Stand
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Handle: White Cotton Cloth Wrapped

Regular Price: $450.00

Special Price: $300.00


Kenpachi Zaraki Shinso Zanpakuto Bleach Katana
Kenpachi Zaraki’s famous sword- Zanpakutō Nozarashi is among the few weapons that can be used to battle the hollows; Zanpakuto is capable of slashing spirits and is more aptly known as Divine Spear. This is an onerous replica of Kenpachi’s sword from the anime including scrabbled and cotton cloth wrapped handle. The blade, 28 inches (44in overall), made of truly unique Tsubu, is pre sharpened in the factory.Nozarashi’s (sword) aura during the Ichigo battle resembled a skullreiatsu. The blafe is notched, exemplifying Kenpachi’s love for battle and shows the disharmony between the two (which lasts into later parts of the series).

This is one mean sword, which its every foe soon realizes. The use of unique metal tsubais consistent with the anime’s gold look finish along with the fittings. This is a must have replica for every die hard Bleach fan. An excellent gift item for all Anime lovers.

Low ranking Shinigami, called Asuachi, do not have names. But the Shinigami with ranks have names. In its sealed sate (normal appearance), a kenpachi zanpakuto has the form of a Japanese sword and can be mistaken for a Katana. Generated from their owner’s soul, each is a unique sword and differs in shape and abilities depending on who its Shinigami is. Connected with souls, Zanpakutō are born with their Shinigami, and they die along with their Shinigami. Shinigami use them in battle as a reflection of their heart. When their abilities unleased, these swords exhibit deadly possession of power

The size of the kenpachi zanpakuto sword reflects its wielders spiritual power and their bond. Kenpachi’sZanpakuto is over 100cm long in its rest state! It is virtually effortless for Kenpachi to wield his sword as it is part of his own soul. Shinigami captains all consciously keep their Zanpakutō in a manageable size, or else they would be treading along swords bigger than buildings and skyscrapers!

A wielder of Zanpakuto must learn its name; every Zanpakuto has its own name. However, simply knowing the name of ones Zanpakuto (zaraki kenpachi zanpakuto sword) is not merely enough. To fully use a Zanpakuto’s power (its special ability) its wielder must become familiar with its spirit. As the zaraki kenpachi zanpakuto sword is extension of Shinigamis own spirit.

KenpachiZarakifinally spoke to his Zanpakuto in Bleach’s chapter 527. As captain Unohana was about to pass away, her last words to her own Zanpakuto- who is mourning her death as well. As Unohana neared death, Kenpachi began hearing strange voices; his Zanpakuto had finally begun talking to him! However, just before Zanpakuto speaks its name, we see the frame cut at words “My name is…”, frame switches over to Ichigo and Renji who had just finished their battle with Asauchi. It is unsettling to see Unohana dying and we wish Kenpachi could do something about it rather than sit there and watch. Alas, because of this battle Kenpachi is finally able to speak to his Zanpukto which is bound to turn him into an absolute beast in any battle! Kenpachi’s release command is “Swallow” and it causes the kenpachi zanpakuto sword transformation into a –bigger than Kenpachi himself– axe like a halberd with a long, cotton cloth wrapped handle that has a tassel attached to the top. In its released form, Nozarashi is powerful enough to blow a meteorite in a single slash!

Kenpachi is a captain of 11’Th Division within Gotei 13 and a member of Soul Society. His lieutenant is YachiruuKusajishi.

True to his beastly nature, KenpachiZaraki is aggressive and wild- and his appearance shows it. He wears a captain’s jacket which he acquired from the previous captain (11’ThDivison) to become the captain. He wears the jacket with its sleeves torn off – giving a ragged look more apt to his personality. Adding to his warrior’s appearance is the huge scar to the left of his face, which he apparently gained well before he joined Soul Society, heck even before he found Yachiiru.

Kenpachi lives for battle, unmistakable by his way of attaining a captain’s rank; He savors a good fight more than anything else. He wears a special eye patch line with a peculiar creature created by 12’Th Division on his right eye. His eye patch absorbs most of his power. This with his habit of fighting single handed are meant to give his enemies some advantage in a fight. As unhandicapped, he would finish the battle too soon! Not being able to satisfactorily delve into a state of bloodlust- what he treasures most in a fight.

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