What's the deal with the Original Final Fantasy 7?

If you are a die-hard fan of Final fantasy, you will know that Back in 1997, Final Fantasy is one of the most famous Rpg Franchise ever. And Final Fantasy 7 is the most renowned Final Fantasy game in Franchise.
It's sold 11 million units, as per maker Square Enix, making it the most selling game in the Franchise. For reference, 2016's Final Fantasy 15, which was a tremendous achievement, remains at around 8.4 million shipped.

Original final fantasy 7

It might appear to be insane at it now. However, Final Fantasy 7 was an innovative masterclass in 1997. Realistic cutscenes were demonstrated in the full-movement video, and the blocky 3D models moved around in a pre-rendered environment that knocked socks off at the time.
Now, after 20 years, due to the massive success of FFVII, Square Enix is releasing a remake.
Unfortunately, both high expectations have been both a blessing and a curse because the path of releasing the game is not simple.

Why Square Enix takes too much time to develop Final Fantasy 7 remake?

According to some information, it was expected to publish this game within 2018. But due to a lot of reasons, it takes too much time to develop. 

Square Enix final fantasy

Video games are not the same as the kinds of pop culture as underlying technology advances such a lot more quickly.

Finally, the wait is over and the time has come,

Today when I think about final fantasy 7 Remake, I still remember watching the announcement back in at E3 2015 in my work area. And I cannot control myself, as it was a clear onscreen trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It was a big day not only for me but also for many more other fans. Finally, after four years we have a release date of Final Fantasy 7 remake on March 3, 2020.

final fantasy 7 remake banner

 Till now, I have watched the trailer of game half-dozen time. But, there are a lot of gossips still agitating around the enormous web. Here, I have gathered up everything which I know has been confirmed, what I have played and everything fans suspect right here for your perusal.


If you are catching up from complete ignorance, check the summary below,

  • Quick story review
  • FFVII Remake Trailers- Lives to Original
  • When can you get it?
  • How many parts are there in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?
  • Is it available only on PlayStation? – What about Xbox and Pc?
  • Let's talk a little bit more about Final Fantasy 7 remake, what're the changes?

Quick Story Review:

square Enix:

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Retells the tale of the original game. In which Cloud Strife was a former Shinra fighter who joins the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group as a hired soldier to battle against the Shinra enterprise. Who has been draining the planet's life energy, to end up associated with something a lot greater?

When we introduced to Sephiroth, however, everything changes. Sephiroth is a bad dude. He's likewise an elite SOLDIER, yet was assumed dead. When he makes his quality known, the game turns into a chase for Sephiroth.
Combine an illustrious cast of legends, as Vincent, Tifa, and Aerith, with an expensive world and a profound fight framework. It turns out to be straightforward why Final Fantasy 7 has had such a heritage.
Note: If you haven't played the first, don't peruse up on its story. You'll have one of gaming's most renowned minutes ruined.

Final Fantasy 7 remake Trailers:

The First Trailer for the game was released upon the remake's announcement back in E3 2015.

Next time, featuring the gameplay, the trailer was revealed at PSX in 2015.

At May 9, During Sony's State of Play event this year, we got a great look what action-heavy combat would look like. And one of the series most well-remembered protagonists, Aerith.

One of the most important trailers that Square Enix revealed at a Final Fantasy 7 concert in Loss Angeles. In it, Game's Director, Tetsuya Nomura, released the official release date: March 3, 2020.

It's only a minute long but excellent.

The recent and last trailer was released as a part of Tokyo Gameshow 2019. This trailer showcased the first look at characters, Summons, mini-games, and more.

When you can get FFVIIR?- Release Date

There is a 20 years gap between the remake releasing date, so, it means Square Enix faces a lot of development troubles which makes it all the more surprising.

Final Fantasy released date

The Official Date Square Enix has given to us is March 3, 2020. But it's unclear if that's for all of the episodes or it's just the release date of one event.

How many Parts it's going to have?

final fantasy 7 remake banner

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a multi Part Game. The episodes will release Separately. For what it's valued, the game has been in progress since 2014, yet there have been few official updates since the E3 2015 uncover. In that time, improvement of the game has moved from outer engineer CyberConnect2 to Square Enix's in-house group. Redesigns like this can make huge postpones in game's advancement yet as per Square Enix's Naoki Hamaguchi the choice was made out of a desire to keep up "control quality just as keeping the timetable stable."

final fantasy 7 remake chracter
The one clear thing is that part one will hit the Play station in March 2020. And the first part will take place entirely in Midgar.

Is FFVIIR available only on PlayStation?- What about Xbox and Pc?

Final Fantasy 7 remake playstation banner

  Square Enix confirmed thill now is that they will Release the FFVIIR exclusively for PS4 on March 3, 2020, in both Physical and digital form.

While there might be no plans to publish the game on Xbox, things may be changed later on. Maybe after one or two years, they will release an Xbox and PC version of the game.

Lives up to the Original:

final fantasy 7 remake airothi

After watching the trailer, I find two camps of fans about Final Fantasy 7 remake: First one is, "Give me the remake" while the second one is, "Final Fantasy VII? Again?". I admit that I am on the remake side. I appreciate FFVII when I was first played it in middle school, and I even think it's aged reasonably well. But the endless remakes, releases and remasters should be stopped to anywhere. So, here is the FFVII remake which is quite a lot different not only in the graphical overhaul.
Final Fantasy 7 remake cloud fight
But the script is different, the level of design is different- even the music while familiar, serves a much different purpose than before. FFVIIR reimagines a classic title for much faster results and looks realistic. And believe me, I am just as surprised in writing as you are in reading.

Let's talk a little bit more about What's the changes in Final Fantasy 7 remake?

Yoshinori Kitase is one of the game producers and an essential person in the Square Enix game development team. During a session, He said that "Simply recreating the original game with new graphics was not enough to get the core team excited about the project." 

final fantasy 7 remake buster sword

 The later version is not better only visually, but it also has a lot of other enhancements which goes for everything including, Cloud's arms to his hairdo, Making him look muscular, Worth of Swinging around the
massive Buster sword,
  • Faster Combat
  • There's a lot More Fighting
  • Contrasting Styles
  • Real-Time Battle System
  • Multi Part Story
  • Final Fantasy's Age
  • Nostalgia Working Against it
  • Random Encounter Battles
  • First Boss, Scorpion Sentinel
And more…