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What type of Sword is the buster sword?

Buster Sword blue print

Buster Sword is one of the iconic and most recognizable swords from the Final Fantasy series. The heavyweight most massive sword is under the possession of Cloud Strife, who is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII remake. Before Cloud Strife, it was the main Sword of Zack Fair. The heavyweight sword isn’t easy to carry because of the massive weight of its blade. In Final Fantasy VII, its approximate size is 5-6 feet. The blade’s width is one foot that is quite broad to cut off the enemies within seconds. As it was a large sword, therefore, Cloud practiced a look to carry it become expert with it. After the release date of Final Fantasy VII remake, the fans of FF are looking to grab it at a discounted price with the realistic details. If you also want to increase the collection of your Final Fantasy swords, then don’t be late in placing your order on our website, Swords Kingdom.

A quick overview of the buster sword:

final fantasy 7 remake buster sword

If you want to read a quick overview of Cloud Strife Buster Swords from Final Fantasy VII remake, then have a look at below-mentioned points. These points will surely clear all of your questions related to the design of Cloud Buster Sword. 

  • Buster Sword first appeared in the Final Fantasy VII with an enormous blade’s length and one-sided sharp surface.
  • It is one of the deadliest swords of Final Fantasy Series that was wielded by Cloud Strife from season VII to till now. 
  • Before Cloud Strife, its wielder was Angeal Hewley and Zack Fair. Zack passed this Sword to Cloud when he realized the Cloud’s power and strength. 
  • Although, it doesn’t possess any special powers, yet it was a mighty sword from all swords of Final Fantasy Series. 
  • The exact length of the original Buster Sword is 5 to 6 feet, from the tip of the blade to handle’s top. 
  • It isn’t a double-edged blade. You can say it is like a big ax that can cut everything within seconds if the wilder will swirl in the right way. 
  • Weak people can’t use this enormous size sword. It requires a lot of physical abilities to lift it.  

If you want to know some other amazing features of the Cloud Strife Buster Sword of Final Fantasy VII remake, then do visit our Final Fantasy Category. I am sure, after looking at the great features, you will be looking to grab it as early as possible. On the other hand, if you are interested in the previous designs of Buster Sword, then you can visit our homepage or Buster Sword Category. All the replica swords available at our platform are made from high-quality stainless steel and other high-quality material. You will find all swords at reasonable prices. 

What new things come in buster sword of FFVII Remake?


After the success of FFVII, the producers introduced FFVII Remake by improving the graphics quality of the game. Although, the story of the video game is the same as that of FFVII, there are some new things in it. The improved graphics will give pure entertainment to gamers. In the FFVII, the Buster Sword in the hands of Cloud Strife wasn’t so much bright. But in this new version, people will enjoy the great fights of their favorite character in a new way. 

The Cloud is also seen with increased power in the FFVII remake. Multiple new fighting tricks have been introduced along with the design of Buster Sword. Unlike previous Buster Swords, the FFVII remake Buster sword is light weighted. Yes, it is somehow a lightweight blade with 5-6 feet length. Its weight is decreased, but its length is kept the same. Therefore, it is still on the top in the favorite swords list of Final Fantasy fans. If you want to check the size and other features of this blade, then you can click here for further information. 

Why there is no other store except SwordsKingdom providing such huge buster swords?

Swords Kingdom buster Swords

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You can also buy pairs of buster swords:

Pair Swords of SwordsKingdom

Another exceptional offer that you can grab from the platform of Swords Kingdom is, “ Pairs Offer” As we know that multiple swords have been introduced in the Final Fantasy Series, therefore, the fans want to get all of them at discounted rates. Other than this, the major problem for the fans of Final Fantasy is to find the right platform from where they can grab all the things at one time. Due to these facts, the Swords Kingdom is offering multiple pair of options at discounted prices. 

  • You can buy Cloud Strife Buster Sword and Masamune Sword in a pair
  • Final Fantasy Buster sword with Functional Squall Gunblade is available in pair
  • Link ranger sword with cloud Advent Buster Sword is also available in pair
  • You can get Buster Sword with Leonhart Winged Gunblade in pair
  • Squall Gunblade with Cloud Advent Children Buster Sword is also available in pair

Apart from these, multiple other options are available for you on the Swords Kingdom website. If you want to have a look, then do visit our categories. You will find the best replica blades from Final Fantasy Series and other video game series on our store. 

Get your custom build huge buster sword:

Apart from the design and length of Cloud Buster sword available on the Swords Kingdom, you can also place your custom order. Yes, it is possible now to get your desired length Buster Sword from our store. For custom length orders, you need to contact our customer support or chat team. Our chat team will give you proper guidelines about the over-length charges and other details that you will be looking for. Due to this, it will become easy for you to get a rough estimate about the costs of custom-made Sword.

Apart from the length, you can also order for the sharp blade edges. The replica piece that we are selling doesn’t come with sharp edges. For sharpening the edges, we take the custom order of our valuable clients. You can also contact us for the particular order for special occasions like Christmas and Cosplays. For any other queries related to the Buster Sword or any other replica sword available on our store, feel free to contact our customer service support or chat team.

Frequently Asked Question?

Is Buster Sword Replica made from Stainless-steel?

Yes, it is made from stainless steel material.

What are the charges for over-length?

For over-length charges, you can contact our customer care center, or you can also email us.

Who was the first wielder of Buster Sword?

The first wielder of Buster Sword was Zack Fair.

Is it the most gigantic Sword of Final Fantasy VII remake?

Yes, indeed it is the largest Sword of Final Fantasy VII remake.