Sword of Robin Hood
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Bronze Robin Hood Sword

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  • Blade Length of sword is  35 Inches
  • Handle Length is 6.25 Inches
  • Overall Length is 46 Inches
  • Weight is 5 lbs. 4 oz

Item  Details

  • Reviewing blending stories of the popular fugitive, his band of Merry Men, and their fights with the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Bronze Robin Hood Sword is a strong hand and a half plan from the days when the sword was regulation.
  • These Workmanship Gladius Middle age style swords have 440C stainless steel edges, which are completely tempered, however they are principally planned for use as collectibles and decorator pieces with eye-getting subtleties.

The Bronze Robin Hood Sword is a generally roused reproduction weapon that gives proper respect to the incredible figure of Robin Hood, the famous English bandit and society legend. Robin Hood is said to have lived during the middle age time frame, burglarizing from the rich to provide for poor people, and his accounts have been gone down through ages in different types of writing, motion pictures, and old stories.

The Bronze Robin Hood Sword draws motivation from the middle age swords of that period, highlighting a plan that mirrors the straightforwardness and usefulness of weapons utilized during that time. While the blade’s plan probably won’t be legitimate to Robin Hood’s particular time span (as the amazing figure originates before the late archaic period), it catches the embodiment of the period and the soul of the person.

Commonly made of bronze and steel, the blade is created to have a particular and luxurious grip, frequently highlighting complex inscriptions or plans that summon a feeling of middle age style. The sharp edge is regularly straight and single-edged, intended for reasonable use in battle and self-protection.

Whether utilized for show or reenactments, the Bronze Robin Hood Sword fills in as an image of the persevering through legend of Robin Hood and his battle against unfairness. It’s a piece that not just exemplifies the brave soul of the criminal yet in addition praises the rich history and social effect of the person. Whether you love verifiable weaponry or basically intrigued by the stories of Robin Hood, this sword offers an association with the past and a method for keeping the incredible legend’s soul alive.


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