Buster Sword 43.5″ & Masamune Sephiroth Sword 68″

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Cloud Buster Sword
Overall Length:- 43.5"
Blade Length:- 32"
Handle Length:- 11.5"
Blade Width:- 5"
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 4.46 KG

Masamune Sephiroth Anime Sword 68"
Total Length with scabbard: 68"
Overall Length: 65"
Blade Length: 47"
Handle Length:18"
4/8" Thick, Handmade
Same guard as in Advent Children
Polished Blade
Cloth Wrapped Handle
Free Display Stand
Free Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 2.18 KG

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Regular Price: $298.00

Special Price: $165.00


Masamune Sephiroth:

The Masamune is based on a Japanese sword that is two-handed and was usually seen being carried by foot soldiers to be used in a fight with cavalry soldiers. The Masamune is only used for outdoor battlefields because the length of the sword makes it difficult for it to be used indoors. When not being used in a fight, the sword is slug across the back to portray its status and the fact that wielding this sword requires more strength than wielding a normal katana.

Product Description:

  • Total Length of the sword with scabbard is 68 inches
  • Sword’s Overall Length is 65 inches.
  • Blade of the sword lengths almost 47 inches.
  • Handle Length is18 inches.
  • The blade is 4/8 inches Thick and is Handmade
  • Same guard as in Advent Children
  • Sword has the polished Blade
  • Cloth Wrapped Handle
  • It comes with free Display Stand and a free scabbard.
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Weight: 2.18 KG

Buster Sword:

So, for all the final fantasy fans out there, we have here the replica Buster Sword, i.e. the sword that is the trademark weapon of the hero of the game Final Fantasy, the Cloud. We have mentioned below the design, the features and the measurements of this replica for the customers who would like to buy the Buster Sword from our online store and for all such customers who are going to buy this sword or other such collectibles from our online store, we have some special discounts and packages for you people and you are all recommended to check them out. Here are the specs of the sword of Zack and Cloud from Final Fantasy.

Product Description:

  • The overall length of the sword is 43.5 inches
  • The Blade Lengths almost 32 inches.
  • Sword’s handle length is 11.5 inches.
  • Blade Width of the sword is nearly 5 inches.
  • Comes with free Display Stand
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Weight: 4.46 KG

What is its construction material?

It is constructed with high-quality stainless steel.

Are these real swords from series?

No, these are the replicas of the swords.

Are there any extra charges for shipping?

Yes, you need to pay the shipping charges.

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