Pirate Cutlass Sword With Ship Hilt And Scabbard
Pirate Cutlass Sword With Ship Hilt And Scabbard Original price was: $185.94.Current price is: $92.97.
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Ironsmith Co. Short Sword
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Captain Hooks Pirate Cutlass Sword

Original price was: $189.94.Current price is: $94.97.

  • Overall: 38″
  • Blade length: 29cm 1/4″

Description of Captain Hooks Pirate Cutlass Sword:

The cutlass was the most loved weapon of the two privateers and mariners during the Period of Sail. It was the ideal weapon in the tight situation activity while boarding or shielding a boat.

Estimating 38″ overall, this model highlights a 29 1/4″ blade built from steel with a real mature finish and weighty blood groove. The dark handle is complement with cast metal gatekeeper and knob, while the wooden sheath includes a cast metal throat with privateer token. This sword is an incredible expansion to any assortment. A curved blade with brass accents, a skull pommel, and leather-wrap grip. Swashbuckling elegance.

Captain Hooks Pirate Cutlass Sword is an unbelievable weapon saturate with sea history and brave legend. This finely created cutlass is an image of theft’s brilliant age, exemplifying both polish and lethality. The cutlass includes a particular bend edge intended for close battle, making it ideal for boarding foe vessels or dueling on the high oceans.

The grip of the sword is a show-stopper in itself, decorate with complicate metal and gold-plated emphasizes, portraying nautical themes like anchors, skulls, and crossed bones. A threatening skull and crossbones wallop cap act as a steady wake up call of the heartless standing of Skipper Snare and his group. The dark cowhide wrap grasp guarantees a safe hold during battle, while a handguard gives insurance to the wielder’s hand.

Captain Hook’s Pirate Cutlass Sword isn’t just a considerable weapon yet additionally an image of the privateer’s code and lifestyle. Its verifiable importance, combined with its exquisite plan, makes it an exceptionally pursued gatherer’s thing and a loved piece of privateer legends. Whether showed gladly on a wall or wielded in reenactments, this cutlass sword keeps on summoning the soul of experience and disobedience that characterize the time of the privateers.


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