Celtic Belly Dance Scimitar Sword

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Overall Length: 35"
Blade measurement: 26"
Handle Length: 9"
Free display stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Unlike the other swords, this does not include a cover.
Celtic Style Handle
Weight: 1.11 KG

Regular Price: $245.00

Special Price: $57.68


Celtic Belly Dance Scimitar Sword

This Celtic Scimitar Sword is Modeled and is grounded on the famous version of the Celtic DesignThis sword is very proficient in design and is likewise really good for displaying. Price is often an issue for the customers, but this Celtic Scimitar Sword comes at a really low cost.The total length of the sword including blade and handle is 35 inches. This sword is constructed up of stainless steel. The length of the blade is 26 inches. The length of its handle is 9 inches. Its weight is 1.11Kg. There is no cover for this sword, but other swords have their own covers.Its handle is very stylish and comes with Celtic Style Handle and also a Display Stand. One of the modern form of belly dance is Tribal Fusion Belly Dance which is a result of American belly dance and American Carbaret Dance. Artists use many traditions which include Pop, Hip Hop. Egyptian Belly Dance. The dancers also get many laws from the Flamenco, Kathak, Odissi and some of other regional and traditional dances. It is up to you how can you use a sword in your dance. You might think of it as a weapon or can also use it to dance. It will add a layer of mystique and can also be very dangerous because this Celtic Scimitar Sword is a weapon the dancer must remember that the “feeling of risk” is very genuine as the dancers can also get injured while dancing. Sword dancing is definitely for the good dancers who are very experienced and definitely know how to use it. You should buy this sword from a good place or good source because they are made using good techniques and other retailers can may not provide good sword. Balancing the Celtic Scimitar Sword belly dance sword is a very good skill. You can use it to balance and show tricks during your performance but this can be very tricky and it also involves high risk of danger. Belly dancer can swing this sword very fast and can also perform many good actions in dance using this sword.

You can be very successful with this sword as you need hours of practice in order to be very professional. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. Isolation is the key which means you should disconnect yourself from the outside world and just concentrate on your practice. Take a curved Celtic Scimitar Sword with a smooth blade with a good border that will help you in practicing.Avoid swords with large guard, which hinders you from getting professional such as fencing-style Celtic Scimitar Sword with Handguards off to the side, as these will give the remainder away. People often think can balancing means to balance the sword at the center, but this is a wrong concept as should be able to balance it throughout in some of the dancing tricks.The proportion of a belly dance sword, refers to how straight it should be and how firm it is as when Celtic Scimitar Swordis balanced on the floor. The sword should not be tilted or should not be more pointed, but should be straight and offer no distortion. Do not use a battle sword for belly dancing as it can be very dangerous. They are not designed for dancing as the dancing sword has a special design and appropriate weight, if it is not according to the need of the dancer, then the tricks or performance will not be very good. Some of the dancers are very experienced, as they can balance many swords at a time. They can balance two swords on their head and many in their hands and back or chest. You can also balance many swords by facing towards the floor while your back will carry as many swords as you want depending on your experience. This is not a very difficult and impossible work to do, but you can also do it. Al you need is a lot of practice. A good teacher can help you in this training.

Safety standards
You should consult someone before starting your training and in this way you will be able to stay safer. Many things can go wrong when you are practicing with this sword, but you should take precautionary measures in order to stay safe. Make sure their edges are straight as their edges are not tilted.Make sure that your handle is very safe and very firm. If it is not firm, you can get injured and can also lose hours of your training. Give yourself plenty of room when practicing.In tight area or place the training can be very dangerous as you can break many items or can cause damage using aCeltic Scimitar Sword.

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