Final Fantasy Cloud Buster Fusion Sword | FF7 advent children
Final Fantasy Cloud Buster Fusion Sword | FF7 advent children Original price was: $160.52.Current price is: $130.52.
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Sword of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3
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Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Buster Sword

Original price was: $165.63.Current price is: $120.32.

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Overall Length: 52″

96 in stock

Overall Length Charges Required Because This Item Is More Than 120cm In Length

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Product Details:

  • Total Length: 52″
  • Blade Length: 37″
  • Handle Length: 15″
  • Free Display Stand
  • Free Leather Sheath
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Weight: 5.58 KG

FF Cloud Strife Buster Sword History:

The Cloud Strife Sword was considered the most notorious sword and trademark of Cloud. He utilized it as a part of all fights and defeated numerous hatred managers like Sephiroth with this Cloud Strife Buster Sword. The youthful Strife is the principal hero in the diversion and twists off amusements for the same establishment. He was a proud and glad Swordsman. He remained a part of the association SOLDIER and served them for a long time.

His fellow team members taught him the original order of being a warrior. He comprehends that being a genuine saint is a long way past, merely looking for force and distinction. In the film, he showed up as a soldier of fortune for-contract and an ex-SOLDIER of the first-class alongside his cloud strife Sword. He had surrendered battling, felt regretful always, and has been with his youth companion Tifa.

He acted as a conveyance kid for the Strife Delivery Service. Tifa tries to bring him back and urges him to go to the city for discovering a cure for his ailment. The spiky-haired kid sets out to the town and gets assaulted by the trio. Due to such a fantastic storyline, the final fantasy seven buster sword replica is trendy in the world.

We are offering the all-time favorite Cloud Strife Buster Sword Replica. Our replica possesses below-mentioned specifications. So, before placing your order, have a look at them for complete understanding.

  • The sword has a total length of 52 inches, and the handle is 15 inches long.
  • The weight is equal to 5.58 kg.
  • The blade has a length of 37 inches.
  • The sword is made of exact detailing and with the highest quality materials.
  • The sword is enormous and is also extensive with two holes.
  • The handle is wrapped in black leather to provide a comfortable grip.
  • It also features a free wooden display stand.
  • You will also get a free stylish black scabbard.

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Are there any charges for blade sharpening?

Yes, there are some charges for blade sharpening. For that, contact customer chat service.

What comes free along with the Sword?

It comes along with a free display stand.

What is the construction material of the sword?

The sword is made up of high-quality stainless steel.

Weight 5 kg

4 reviews for Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Buster Sword

  1. Elijah (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the quality of my sword and the customer support was excellent.

  2. Miles (verified owner)

    The sword is very well balanced and feels great in the hand.

  3. Emma

    The best buster sword you can ever get from an online store. I am very happy with my purchase.

  4. Lily (verified owner)

    The sword is very well made and I am proud to display it.

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