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Final Fantasy Cloud Ultima Weapon Sword

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Overall Length: 55"
Blade Length: 39"
Handle: 16"
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Handle Material: Wooden Handle With Black Leather Wrapped
Weight: 4.14 KG


Cloud Strife Ultima Collectible Sword is finally here on the demand of fans. Customers have waited a long time for this Replica Sword. Here, it is with all its magnificence ready to kill numerous enemies at a single time. It is judged as the most potent collectible in the Final Fantasy and is acquired after defeating an optional boss. The Sword derives its power from the wielder or gaining Health points. The Sword is undefeatable in the hands of a skilled and influential player. This is a rare Sword out there, but it can be found exclusively on Swords Kingdom. We offer it at a Cheap price. Thus, usable both as a collectible and an ornamental item, as well. The leather wrapped handle and the red gem on guard enhance exquisiteness. The stainless steel blade is pointed at the end making its design unique. The Ultima Sword has a guard bent towards the back, and the pommel is pointed. This Sword looks much alike the original wielded by Cloud. Hence, stop waiting and book one for yourself or present someone as a gift. Buy this Sword from the Online Swords Store of Ours and save money.

More about the character: Cloud is the most praised and active character in the Final Fantasy Series. He has epic fighting skills and a bold heart. He hides his feeling from others with an intention not worrying them. He remains loyal to his loved ones and tries to save them at any cost. He saved an orphan boy Denzel and brought him to the 7th Heaven at Tifa’s place. The young Denzel considered Cloud as his idol and protector. No matter how many times he puts his life in danger, he always survives that condition with his Buster Sword.

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