USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword
USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword Original price was: $139.94.Current price is: $69.97.
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US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife And Sword Set
US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife And Sword Set Original price was: $169.94.Current price is: $84.97.

Combat Commander Saber Sword

Original price was: $315.92.Current price is: $157.96.

  • 36″ overall
  • 1065 carbon steel blade
  • Fiber filled ABS handle
  • Black hard coating on blade
  • Nylon sheath included

Description of Combat Commander Saber Sword:

The Combat Commander Saber Sword is a considerable and exquisite weapon intended for the insightful gatherer and military craftsman the same. Created with accuracy and motivated by exemplary military saber plans, this blade encapsulates an ideal mix of verifiable feel and present day usefulness.

At roughly 29 crawls long, the Combat Commandant Saber Sword flaunts a masterfully offset cutting edge with a smooth bend. Its treated steel development guarantees toughness and erosion opposition while keeping a sharp edge. The single-edged plan, suggestive of conventional military sabers, grandstands a sharp front line, going with it a great decision for hand to hand fighting preparation, verifiable reenactments, or as a striking presentation piece.

The handle of this saber includes a trendy dark knob and gatekeeper, supplementing the smooth dark grasp, which is finished to give a protected and agreeable hold. This meticulousness improves the blade’s appearance as well as guarantees ideal dealing with and control during use. The included sheath is intended to safeguard the sharp edge while considering helpful vehicle and show.

The Combat Commander Saber Sword is a dazzling combination of feel and usefulness, appropriate for gatherers and military specialists the same. Whether showed gladly on a wall or employed with accuracy in preparing, it gives recognition to the immortal custom of the saber and the craftsmanship that goes into making such a finely adjusted and striking weapon.

All in all, the Combat Commander Saber Sword is a demonstration of the getting through allure of exemplary military saber plans. With its mix of verifiable style and present day craftsmanship, it offers gatherers and military specialists a particular and flexible sword that stands as an image of custom, honor, and class.


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