Conan The Barbarian Atlantean Sword

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Total Length: 39.5"
Blade Length: 28.5"
Handle: 11"
Free Wooden Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.80 KG

Regular Price: $110.00

Special Price: $78.50


Conan the Barbarian Sword
Before we discuss the history of atlantean sword, lets check out some interesting facts about the movie. Most of you remember listening on those great words for the first time (first of countless many times to come) - seated in a grim cinema hall over two decades back! Opening dialogue accompanied by molten lava flowing across the screen, shaped to a sword. The image, with the preceding dialogue and the BOOMING sound effects that followed is simply unforgettable. It was an extraordinary moment for Conan fans; one that eternalized the Barbarian’s Atlantean sword.
conan atlantean sword is seen in the movie. Conan the Barbarian, the movie, did not only launch the carrier of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it left inedible imprint on the minds of an entire generation of coming sword collectors and lovers. It’s an epic tale of a acquitted child sold into slavery who grows into a man; seeking revenge against the warlord who ruthlessly massacred his tribe, sending Conan down the path of Barbarianism.
conan the barbarian sword is a high and might weapon which its every foe soon realizes. The use of unique metal is consistent with the movies silver look finish along with the fittings. This is a must have replica for every die hard Conan fan. An excellent gift item for all Sword lovers and Collectors.

conan sword A highly competent barbarian trained in the ruthless arts of war joins with a group of thieves in a quest to solve the riddle of steel and find the sorcerer responsible for the mass massacre of his people in this authentic adaptation of Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery adventures. This movie paved forward a path for a wave of fantasy films including the sequel, Conan the Destroyer, in the early 80s.

Conan: The Character
Conan was a wandering fighter born in Cimmeria who eventually came to rule the largest empire of the Hyborian Age.
As per books, Conan’s tribe, the Cimmerians, originated from Atlantis. They migrated east, away from Atlantis, before its destruction into abyss. There is found to be a conflict of opinions and interpretations on Conan himself. Some speculate he is the descendant (son) of All mighty conqueror, King Kull, himself! Sadly (it would have made for an epic father son duo) both of their timelines run thousands of year apart and there is no indication of Conan ever having such a link.
In the carnage ridden battlefields in the hills west of Cimmeria, Conan was born, during a tribal skirmish on the border. His birth is consistent with the fact that he grows up was considered as an Omen, that Conan would one day grow up to be a great warrior.
Conan began working in his father’s smithy from a very young age. Working forge’s bellows built his strength and gave him much valuable experience and knowledge of weaponry. His entire life paved path for a legend.
Before the age of seven, he crippled a bully in his tribe. By age eight he wielded an axe! Getting trained in longsword, spear and dagger- Conan killed a wolf bare handed in an effort to save tribe’s war chief.
During early adolescence, Conan was severely injured by a great cat. Recovering, he found himself riddled with fever and self-doubt. He set out for enlighten towards the forbidden battlefield known as Brita’s vale. There he took human life for the first time.
During his early teens, Conan had his philandering ways, he regularly bedded two woman. A girl of his tribe being courted by Donal, and perhaps what was his first love, Arianne, the chestnut haired daughter of Alcibiades (a wizard living in exile nearby).

Conan Sword is an outstanding replica of the real thing that’s not easily available. We have worked hard to provide you with the exact replica of the sword used on screen. Conan the Barbarian is a blockbuster, and its fans expect nothing less. From the intricate details on the guards and pommels, to the deep runes on the powerful blades, these are truly masterful reproductions.
Some of the most attractive and intricate features have to be the guard and pommel. The Atlantean's guard and pommel are finished in bronze!
conan the barbarian sword has a stunning guard and pommel made high relief with no evidence of the pits and slag lines that are so often evident in cheaper castings. The details of the pommel's skull motif, and the dragons that form the guard are simply outstanding. The langets that run down from the guard and frame the blade's ricasso are very evenly fitted and tight.
The atlantean sword has an overall length of 39.5 inches. The blade length, starting above the ruins, is 28.5 inches. The sword is beastly at 1.8kg’s and is designed with an 11 inch handle- for an adequate and strong grip. It’s is reassuring for us Conan fans in spirit and mind but not in physicality to able to handle the sword- two handed at least, hopefully. (For reference, Conan is known to handle the sword single handedly, close to the pommel. See if you can swing this bad boy like the mighty Conan. We recommend trying conan the barbarian sword someplace with a lot of empty space around!

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