70 lb Cobra Extra String
70 lb Cobra Extra String Original price was: $71.92.Current price is: $35.96.
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Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows - Five Pack
Barnett 18” Crossbow Arrows - Five Pack Original price was: $123.92.Current price is: $61.96.

Deluxe Hell Hawk Crossbow Shooter’s Kit

Original price was: $335.94.Current price is: $167.97.

  • It has a textured TPR grip, an adjustable buttstock
  •  It has a draw weight of 80 lbs and a 6”power stroke
  • The 33mm lens has an anti-glare reflective coating

Product description of Deluxe Hell Hawk Crossbow Shooter’s Kit :

The Deluxe Hell Hawk Crossbow Shooter’s Kit is a far reaching bundle intended to lift your crossbow shooting experience higher than ever. This comprehensive pack gives all that you want to long range shooting, upkeep, and insurance, guaranteeing you’re completely prepared for progress on the field or at the reach.

Remembered for this exclusive pack are fundamental frill like great bolts, broadheads, and a quiver, permitting you to stack up and begin shooting immediately. With a choice of bolts enhanced for precision and entrance, matched with dangerously sharp broadheads for clean kills, you can believe that your shots will hit their imprint with deadly effectiveness.

Furthermore, the  Shooter’s Pack includes a top notch crossbow scope with numerous reticle choices and customizable amplification, empowering you to tweak your point and accomplish pinpoint precision at different distances. Whether you’re focusing on little game or holding back nothing shots, this extension guarantees clear perceivability and exact shot situation without fail.

To keep your crossbow in top condition, this unit likewise incorporates fundamental support devices and adornments. From string wax and rail lube to a cleaning unit for eliminating trash and buildup, you can undoubtedly keep up with your crossbow’s exhibition and delay its life expectancy with standard upkeep.

Besides, the Deluxe Hell Hawk Crossbow Shooter’s Kit comes total with defensive stuff to guarantee your security and solace during shooting meetings. A cushioned crossbow case offers secure capacity and transportation, while shooting gloves give added hold and insurance to your hands.

By and large, the Shooter’s Kit is a far reaching answer for crossbow fans looking for comfort, execution, and inward feeling of harmony. With its great many top notch frill and fundamental devices, this pack outfits you with all that you really want to  in your shooting interests, whether you’re a carefully prepare veteran or a novice to the game.


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