Demon Slayer Katana-Obanai


  • Overall Length: 40 in.
  • Overall Blade Length : 27 in.

Product description of Demon Slayer Katana-Obanai :

Step into the eerie domain of Evil presence Slayer with the Demon Slayer Katana-Obanai, a stunning copy that repeats the bravery and misfortune of the anime’s savage Hashira, Obanai Iguro. Fastidiously planned and created, this katana epitomizes the embodiment of the Evil spirit Slayer Corps’ determined fight against devilish powers.

The sharp edge, produced from top notch tempered steel, bears a shocking slope wrap up, bringing out the red hot power of Obanai’s soul. Decorated with engraved themes and images enlivened by the anime’s mind boggling world, the katana is a visual show-stopper that flawlessly blends conventional craftsmanship with the persona of Evil spirit Slayer.

The handle, enveloped by fake calfskin for realness, includes an unpredictably planned watch that reflects the extraordinary examples related with Obanai’s personality. This katana isn’t just a gatherer’s thing; it is an unmistakable association with the sad yet gutsy excursion of a Hashira devoted to destroying evil presences.

As you handle the katana’s grip, you’ll feel the heaviness of Obanai’s resolute purpose and obligation to equity. Whether showed gladly in your assortment or used in praise to the Evil spirit Slayer Corps, this copy submerges you in the extraordinary world made by Koyoharu Gotouge.

For fans and lovers, the Demon Slayer Katana-Obanai rises above a simple copy — it’s an encapsulation of the feelings, forfeits, and fights scratched into the story of Devil Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Channel the soul of Obanai Iguro as you rejuvenate this katana, representing the undying will to shield humankind from the shadows that hide inside the devil swarmed obscurity.


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