Devil May Cry Swords hold a special place among fans due to its protagonists and hack and slash genre. The Devil May Cry series is developed and published by Capcom with the assistance of Ninja Theory (for later installments). There is a total of 5 games released to date and each of them expanding the storyline while defining the plot elements and background stories. The primary protagonists are Nero, Dante, and Vergil who sometimes make new partners in their journeys. The two twin brothers (Dante and Vergil) are the sons of Demon Sparda with separate goals and ambitions throughout their journeys.

The Devil May Cry Swords are offered with highly durable constructions, realistic details and ideally weighted structures. When you hold any of the below items, it won’t be just a shabby piece of metal or a cheap rip off. With the stunning details, these items are perfect for cosplays, gifts or personal collections. Note that none of the below items are official releases as there has not been any to date. These are manufactured by Swords Kingdom and all the copyrights go to the respective owners. Feel free to ask anything and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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