DEMON SWORD LOSTVAYNE OF MELIODAS Original price was: $260.98.Current price is: $130.49.
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MURASAME Top Handmade Katana Sword
MURASAME Top Handmade Katana Sword Original price was: $381.98.Current price is: $190.99.

Dracule Mihawk’s “Yoru” Greatsword

Original price was: $260.98.Current price is: $130.49.

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Overall Length: 46.75 in.

Product description of Dracule Mihawk’s “Yoru” Greatsword :

Leave on an excursion into the universe of One Piece with Dracule Mihawk’s “Yoru” Greatsword, a stunningly created copy that reflects the sheer polish and unrivaled strength of the world’s most noteworthy fighter. This exceptional greatsword gives proper respect to the confounding person, Dracule Mihawk, and his stunning weapon highlighted in the acclaimed anime and manga series.

Manufactured with fastidious accuracy, “Yoru” flaunts an impressive hardened steel edge of imposing length, catching the pith of Mihawk’s expertise and strength on the front line. The smooth, dark sharp edge is embellished with unpredictable etchings that add a dash of persona, mirroring the air of the world’s most impressive fighter.

The handle, complicatedly enclosed by fake cowhide for a valid touch, guarantees a solid grasp and fills in as a demonstration of the craftsmanship put resources into this notorious reproduction. The crossguard highlights a rich plan that supplements the loftiness of Mihawk’s personality, encapsulating the refinement of the expert fighter.

Whether showed as the highlight of your assortment or used with veneration to Dracule Mihawk, “Yoru” rises above simple replication, offering a substantial connection to the enrapturing scene made by Eiichiro Oda. As you hold this greatsword, you can nearly detect the significant dominance and calm power of the man known as “Falcon Eye” Mihawk.

For fans and gatherers the same, Dracule Mihawk’s “Yoru” Greatsword is in excess of a recognition — it’s an epitome of the unequaled expertise, class, and tradition of one of One Piece’s most famous characters. Channel the soul of the world’s most prominent fighter as you relax within the sight of this dazzling copy, a demonstration of the magnificence of the great oceans.


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