Shinwa Satinsting Handmade Shirasaya
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Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana
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Dragon Lord Handmade Katana

Original price was: $271.92.Current price is: $135.96.

  • Beauty with an edge – two edges, to be precise; Dragon Lord is double-edged masterwork of traditional Japanese swordcraft, tailored to modern swordsmen
  • Double edged, full tang 28 1/2″ Damascus steel blade – expertly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using proven, centuries-old technique
  • Blade boasts more than 1,000 distinct layers of high carbon steel – a sea of contrasting lines, waves, ripples, swirls and other spellbinding patterning
  • Impeccably cast tsuba with breathtaking three dimensional dragon design; fluid lines, bold relief, extraordinary fine detail
  • Hardwood tsuka wrapped in faux ray skin same, classic blue ito; traditional mekugi
  • Hand lacquered wooden saya protects blade, adds style to ensemble; custom designed for double edged Dragon Lord
  • Overall length: 41 1/2″ – the quintessential full-sized Japanese samurai sword; powerful yet easy to wield

Description of Dragon Lord Handmade Katana:

Lord of Dragons, lord of swords
Shinwa’s Winged serpent Lord Katana addresses carefully assembled magnificence with an edge – times two. However this Damascus steel wonder gives recognition to Japan’s antiquated swordcraft custom in generally structure and execution, Shinwa fostered the twofold edged “Dragon Lord” considering the present serious fighter. Ace smiths meticulously hand produce each viciously pointed edge, and prepared sword crafts mans cautiously handcraft each tsuka and saya. From vivaciously pounding the liquid cutting edge steel to cautiously wrapping false beam skin and rope around the tsuka, each move toward the Lord development gets extreme attention to detail and exact meticulousness.

Twofold edged show stopper close by manufactured steel
A portion of the world’s – and to be sure history’s – most respected, tried and true methods are utilized, and each material meets or surpasses rigid quality principles. A quintessential model is the attractive Damascus steel tanto edge, which overflows with power and visual quality – a fabulous miracle by its own doing with its differentiating lines, waves, twirls and other hypnotizing designs. Each line is an unmistakable assortment of steel, hammer welded and collapsed more than once to yield the a large number of layers in every edge. The Lord of Dragons one of a kind metalsmithing strategy’s underlying foundations stretch back to the Medieval times, today it’s still meticulously perform via prepare hands, immaculate by cruel computerization and detach motorization.

Old manufacturing procedure yields particularly current katana
Basically, an expert Shinwa swordsmith from the old sword making town of Longquan fires a heap of steel strips – each an alternate compound – in a white-hot fashion until the metal gleams cherry red. He then eliminates the stack and mallets it until it’s around half as thick as the first. Then Dragon Lord Handmade Katana creases the metal onto itself longwise and pounds every half together. The cycle is fastidiously rehash until the ideal layering impact is accomplish, so, all in all a last extinguishing reinforces the subsequent sharp edge clear and a corrosive scratching features striking differences in the layers. Furthermore, the sluggish, relentless interaction itself it simply the start.


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