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Our Fantasy Swords for sale category involve fictitious and mysterious blades that don’t actually exist. Previously, these replicas were just fashioned in various films, cartoons and video games. However, now you can easily get any of your admired fantasy replicas right from the Swords Kingdom official site. There they are presenting a wide collection of duplicate replicas from all the known platforms. Thus be prepared to testify each and all magical fantasy Blades with your own eyes.

The creators’ layout such fantasy Swords to entertain the ones who are watching, to endorse their platforms, and to create epic scenes in their combats. Every Fantasy collectible has magical and astonishing powers which are beyond any ordinary human’s imagination and reach. A character controlling such a fantasy sword is supposed to execute powerful invaders or criminals similar to dragons and demons with the sword’s powers. They have the duplicate blade of Jason Argonaut, a Greek bold and courageous hero who searches for the Golden Fleece. Jason chops hundreds of Skeletons to make his way to achieve extreme happiness. This site is also presenting the fantasy blade of Odin. This replicas is owned by God Odin who has three offspring’s. One of his son’s names is Thor who tries to protect mankind. Odin is a part of Norse mythology who is the king of Asgard. This replicas is one of the finest fantasy sword and is viewed in various movies and cartoon. The Kilgore – Blade of Darkness is owned by the famous Dragon age series. It includes various figurines, novels, films and video games. This imitated replicas also appears with a black custom. The site is presenting the jazzy fantasy sword known as Black legion blade. Luciendar collectible of Light belongs to Two worlds, the famous video game series. In this game players can modify the display of their individual characters. The best thing about this site is that it’s offering exclusionary discounts on the purchase of these fantasy collectibles.

No sword compilation is entirely complete without at least one featured fantasy collectible. Highest quality fantasy swords are available and they look really amazing. This site features collection from collectible makers like Kit Rae and other fantasy collectible manufacturer. Clone fantasy blades are generally having heavy weight than most because the detail is more intense. This much concentration on its each and every specific feature and attention to detail is what makes it exclusive from an usual collectible from a truly beautiful and awesome work of art. Fantasy blades give your compilation something to talk about. Browse our compilation of fantasy collectibles for sale and reckon up your show room with featured fantasy blades.

Kit Rae
Born in 1966 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada is a fantasy valuable maker who is an expert in knife design, fantasy and sci-fi art. His first job as was for Smoky Mountain Knife as a designer in the mid-1980s. Background of Kit’s in Fantasy collectibles art began when he was very young with oil painting, acrylic and charcoal drawing. He was motivated by such varied artists such as Michael Whelan, Frank Frazetta, Jim Burns, Boris Vallejo, H.R Giger and Moebius. Writers such as Frank Herbert and J.R.R. Tolkien were also a big inspiration for him. Currently Kit uses a combined media approach to his art, making use of drawing, painting, photography, and the computer. His company is known worldwide for his distinct blade designs.

Kit’s chronicle fantasy blades of the Ancients is a thorough Tolkien-like story stretching over various periods of time and the legends were the foundation for many of his fantasy blade patterns. The complete story can be easily viewed on fantasy collectible’s web site.
Kit Rae has been designing fantasy knives for more than 17 years from now, preoccupied and lost in fantasy art all his life. His designs are influenced by various things including Greek and Egyptian stories, some extremely fascinating while some atrociously unforgettable. They are known among serious fantasy knife and blade collectors and are seen in various shows and film on the television.
The Kit Rae’s Fantasy Swords line inheres of edged knife and sword art, with some sample defying traditional description. Each new sample is part of the arras that shapes “The Tale of The collectibles of the Ancients”, a fantasy story composed by the artist, about the endless combat between good and evil. Every knife contains a new episode printed on a paper. The Kit Rae featured annual knife and periodic collectible dispensation also contains companion art prints of fantasy art by the artist, giving prominence to the blades in scenes from his story.

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