Legolas Daggers Pair replica from LOTR


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Overall Length with Scabbard: 25.5″

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Product Details:

Blade Lengths: 16.5″
Handle: 7.5″
Blade Thickness: 3/16″
Handle Material: Wooden
Free Scabbards with metal cast fitting, leather-wrapped
Free Wall Plaque
Blade Material: High-Quality stainless steel, Deep-etched intaglio design with a gold-tone colour.
Handle Material: Solid American oak with Elven vine design, cast metal guard and pommel.

Legolas Daggers Pair Description:

Legolas is the fictional character from the Lord of the Rings series. He was a Sindarin Elf who take part in the Fellowship of the Rings in the Third Age. The people of Mirkwood surprise to see the skill of Prince Legolas. He was not only a prince but also a messenger and a master archer. During the journey across Middle earth, he shows his skills of keen eyesight, sensitive hearing, and excellent bowmanship. He was a well-known friend of dwarf Gimli despite many differences. Legolas was the son of Thranduil who was the Elven King of Mirkwood.

There are many abilities the Legolas have; as an elf, he has the typical abilities of his race. He can walk on snow without leaving his footprints and also can walk on grass silently. The eyes of the prince were sharper than the other men, that can see from long distance and even in the dark. With Aragorn and Gimli, he just finished 45 leagues in less than four days how he passes these 45 leagues by just walking into sleep. He used famous Elven bow, white knife, and his dagger for the close fighting.

  • The Legolas Daggers has 25.5 inches overall length with scabbard.
  • Without scabbard, it has 24 inches of total length.
  • The total length includes 16.5 inches blade length, and 7.5 inches handle length.
  • You will get two scabbards free with metal cast fitting, and leather-wrapped.
  • You will also get wall plaque-free.
  • The blade of Legolas Short Swords is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The blade has a deep-etched intaglio design with gold-tone color.
  • Handle material is made with solid American oak with Elven vine design, cast metal guard and pommel.
  • The replica Legolas Daggers from LOTR is the best product for your home decoration or a gift.

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Can I get sharpen blades?

Yes, you can get sharpen blades but you will pay $10 extra charges.

Which things comes free with the Legolas Daggers?

A wall plaque and scabbards comes free with the Legolas Daggers.

How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depends on your location.
Weight 4 kg

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  1. Alexander

    The daggers look awesome, it feels like the original one. I absolutely love them and will do another purchase from here. Thanks

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