Legolas Knives Without Scabbards from LOTR

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Overall Length: 24"
Blade Length: 16.5"
Blade Thickness: 7.5"
Wooden handles – Design printed on blades
Free Wall Plaque
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 0.96 KG

Regular Price: $139.00

Special Price: $72.35


Legolas fighting Knives
Legolas fighting Knives come from a famous movie series and now we present the respective knives to you. Originally, the Legolas fighting Knives were owned by a fictional character named Legolas. Actually, Legolas belonged to the Elves which are considered as the most superior race in the movie series. Elves have numerous abilities including magical skills and creature imagination. Legolas fighting Knives are created by the same Elves. The young fighter has a bow which he uses as his main weapon. On joining the forces of fellowship of the rings, the wrath increased and he was able to kill several troops and thus, he was able to prove his worth to his fellows during the respective journey. Moreover, the guy is quite good with arrows and bows and this adds to his arsenal. With the help of all these skills, he was able to save a lot of his colleagues during the battle with the evil forces of Sauron. He used the Legolas fighting Knives, which made him even better and invincible. During close combats, these knives helped the fighter a great deal as well.

The Legolas fighting Knives are attractive as they have an intaglio design. This intaglio design is same as the one found in the movie series. The blades are beautifully designed as well. They are curved and have a very sharp edge. Moreover, the tip of the blade is pointed. This makes the Legolas fighting Knives useful as well as dangerous to work with. These Knives have a specific design, known as the golden elven design. Moreover, the knives are toned with gold at the end of making process. These fighting knives appear in the movie, the Lord of the Rings. We have an online store which offers you the facility to see and then buy the knives. Furthermore, there are other Replica swords available on our store as well. We encourage you to buy from our store to get quality products.

The Length of the overall knife or the sword is 24 inches. This includes 16.5 inches of the blade and 7.5 inches of the handle. The knife has an overall thickness of 3 / 16 inches. The weight is generally more than other swords or knives. This knife weighs more than a kilogram. To be specific, the overall weight of the knife is 1.75 kilograms. It is made up of stainless steel and there is no chance of corrosion whatsoever. The knife has a lovely intaglio design. After the knife is made completely, it is given the golden tone. Moreover, the product has a full length construction. The edge is sharped and the blade pointed.

There is no well-known history about the Legolas knives and there origin. Some suggest that these could have been a gift from his father who was the King of Mirkwood, which can be justified by the design of the sword. However, one can conclude that these knives were very powerful and they made Legolas invincible as well as unbeatable. Killing enemies with these swords was an easy task for Legolas.

Legolas was the son of the King of Mirkwood and thus, he gained the status of the prince of Mirkwood. As the prince of the state, Legolas was sent to deliver a message and thus, he took part in the Concil of Elrond in Rivendell. There he met Gandalf, Boromir and 4 hobbits as well. He ended up joining the fellowship of the Ring.

Legolas belongs to the Elves who are special in every sense of the word. Like other elves, Legolas has a keen eyesight and great hearing ability. Moreover, he is quite good with his knives and he can kill even the best warriors using his knives. Elves actually belong to the Middle-earth, and they are an ancient race of the world under consideration. They possess magical forces and they are elegant as well. The knives are designed according to the style and elegancy of the elves. These Legolas swords were also known as the white knives. They come in a set, which comprises of two knives. The knives are made up of stainless steel and a pointed blade and sharp edge.

As mentioned, Legolas was an elf and later, he joined the fellowship of the Ring with other colleagues. During his life with the fellowship, he made a lot of relationships. Among these relationships, the one that outstands is the one with Gimli, who had severe differences with Legolas. However, they were able to resolve these differences later and became great friends. From the above stated facts, one can be sure that Legolas was a legend. The knives he used helped him in attaining the status. We offer the best prices as well as quality for the Legolas fighting knives and urge you to buy them.

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