Final Fantasy Auron Sword

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Overall Length: 39.5"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 10.5"
Handle: Leather Rap
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.8 KG

Regular Price: $90.00

Special Price: $60.79


Auron Masamune Sword
Auron Sword is wielded by Auron. Auron is a playful character in Final Fantasy X. Once a previous warrior friar of Yevon, and a gatekeeper of summoner Braska, he is Tidus’ caretaker as well. He is, from various perspectives, the party’s mentor as they come to him for guidance or request his consent. Auron’s perplexing past straightforwardly ties into the stories of Braska and Tidus’ father Jecht.
Auron wears a profound red haori with red coating kept shut with a thick beat up strap with two tan cinchs wrapped around it. Auron tucks his left arm into the front of his haori, making it look just as his arm is in a sling. He expels his left arm from the haori when battling, yet his right arm stays in its sleeve. This perspective (alongside the container on his side) is a custom among rōnin, and is likely implied as tribute: a rōnin is a samurai who does not serve a ruler.

Auron wears a tan shoulder cushion on his left shoulder complicatedly enriched with tan, green and blue examples with a beaded decoration dangling from it. He wears dark jeans and shoes that have tan straps and triangular metal plating. Auron wears a dark shirt with an ash neckline with meeting tan straps sufficiently high to cover his mouth. His hair is dark with ash streaks and is kept down by a gold lace, and he has some stubble on his jaw.
There is a huge scar over the right 50% of Auron’s face and over his eye, which is constantly closed as an issue. His left eye is golden, and he is never seen without dark sunglasses worn over nor has an alternate style contrasted with his ordinary sunglasses.
On his right hip Auron conveys a container with the statement “Nog” composed on it, a term used to depict various refreshments, including rum. The beverage is offered in two of his Overdrives: when executing Banishing Blade, Auron takes a beverage and spits it on the cutting edge, and when utilizing Tornado, Auron heaves the container into the twister to touch off it. The previous is likely a respect to Japanese samurai who would spit purpose on their swords to “encourage the soul of the razor sharp edge”.
In Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, Auron’s character model was renovated so his skin would look like to a greater extent a genuine mid-thirties man, his hair was made longer and more tousled, his shades have better straightforwardness, and the points of interest on his attire are sharper.
The Auron Masamune Sword is a weapon that has showed up in various titles in the Final Fantasy arrangement. It is generally a standout amongst the most effective katanas or swords and is regularly discovered late in the game.

Auron wields an auron masamune Sword in his right hand convey them on his right shoulder. He assaults a focus with a descending vertical cut. The Auron Katana Sword has a monstrous cutting edge with quality stainless steel. The Sword has a grip made of overwhelming metal. The handle has wrapped dark cowhide, which conveys an agreeable hold. The handle peculiarities metal and a connection made from red woolen string. The bended razor sharp edge improves the appeal of the dream Sword. The Sword may be appeared to be substantial, yet it is light and permits predominant taking care of. One can hack and cut adversaries with the bended and influential razor sharp edge of the Sword. We offer it with a free show stand and a calfskin sheath.
The Auron Sword is the mightiest sword in the diversion’s unique variant, and alongside the Ultima Weapon, it can be utilized by all classes. It is found reporting in real time floor of the Chaos Shrine. It gives 56 Attack, 50 Accuracy and 40 Critical.
The Auron sword is the most capable non-character-particular sword in the amusement and, until the twentieth Anniversary Edition, the most effective auron katana sword in the diversion general tied with the Ragnarok.

Auron Masamune Sword in Final Fantasy II
It can be gotten either in a fortune midsection in a mystery room in Pandaemonium, or as the top prize of the Toad-upgraded character representation matching minigame accessible while ready for Snowcraft. It gives 150 Attack, 90% Accuracy and 4% Evade, and when utilized as a thing, will cast Haste XI. It is spotted on the fifth carpet of Pandemonium in a shrouded room on the right divider of the most upper right room.

Auron Katana Sword in Final Fantasy III
Likewise called “The Mystic Weapon”, the auron masamune Sword can be found in Eureka, wherein it is the strongest general Dark-natural sword. Kunoichi must be crushed to get it. It gives 132 Attack and +10 Agility.

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