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Final Fantasy Berserk Buster Sword

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Overall Length: 60"
Blade Length 43"
Handle Length: 17"
Blade width 8.5" at the base,
Blade width at tip 6.5"
This sword is frankly FANTASY HUGE BUSTER
Free Display  Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 7.10 KG


Fusion Sword
Cloud is an ex-SOLDIER who lost many of his friends in battle. After the death of Zack, he became lonely and abandoned. Already drowning in grief, Cloude caught a severe disease called Geostigma, and the only way to survive this, he has to rescind the mother Jenova and destroy her remains.
Cloud’s Buster sword is a beastly weapon that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and has since featured in consequential sequences and spin off series, not surprising given its popularity. Its Cloud Stife’s primary go to weapon. He did not however, always own the sword. Buster Swords original wielder was Cloud’s close friend, Zack Fair. In Cloud’s hands Buster has served as weapon to be feared and quickly grew into an iconic image for Cloud and the Final Fantasy series. Fans have grown in love with Buster for its MASSIVE size (five to six feet) and Cloud’s battle loving style, Buster is wielded by Cloud in most of his appearances.
The Buster Sword is Cloud’s default weapon. In gameplay-on the preface of things-Buster sword seems to have given special restrictions, which may infuriate some players but regardless to many fans already in love with the mighty Buster Sword. Truth being, the weapon is unique in regard that it cannot be sold or thrown, due to Cloud using it in cut scenes and minigames. This is given Buster swords enormous iconic value. In the title screen for Final Fantasy VII, the Buster Sword appears suspended over the ground surrounded by a black background.
At Swords Kingdom we offer the all-time fan favorite Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. We are proud to represent this – the original form of Buster Sword replica. The Cloud Strife Sword is considered as a trademark and the most iconic weapon in the series and its spin offs. Cloud used it in all of his major battles and defeated many malevolent wicked evil bosses like Sephiroth with this. It is after all, a sword made for felling monsters!
He was an arrogant and proud Swordsman first. It was his faithfull years in SOLDIER (organization) that he learned the true discipline of being a warrior; he understands that being a true hero is far beyond just seeking power and fame. His teammates and the lessons they coached, shaped up Cloud’s character so loved by the fans. He remained a member of the organization SOLDIER and served them for many years.

Buster berserk (Fusion Sword variant)
In the timeline following Final Fantasy VII, Cloud walks over to the cliff where Zack died. He raises and fixates the Buster sword on spot and leaves it there as a memorial. In the two years that follows between the film adaption and the film, the buster sword had rusted and covered in dust. In place of buster Sword, Cloud wields the Fusion Swords! (a platform of six interconnecting blades). To Cloud’s expectations and fans nostalgia, Fusion Sword takes on a silhouette of the good old beastly

Buster Sword!
The Fusion Swords is basically a platform. The First Ken (ファースト剣?), or First Tsurugi, is the blade that forms the base of the six-piece sword. The Fusion assembly variants vary throughout the Advent and other spin off sequels. The Fusion variants come in various forms and sizes as Cloud mixes and matches (Main blade, Hollow, Back, Side) as per his battle needs. Berserk is his commonly known second variant and is a beast of a sword- Its massive! Yet he still wields it with his right hand.
Among all the variants of fusion swords, Zack Buster Sword is the only that that is double sided edge sword. Heavy hilt is made for superior support of the massive sword. On a cool side, Zack Buster fires a powerful Beam of energy, the same he used on a massive attack fighting Kadaj and his brothers.
Cloud, known for his trademark dark clothing, spiked blond hairs and fight loving personality. The Cloud Strife Buster Sword replica is made with best quality materials available and precise detailing. It’s a gigantic sword with two holes in it, having an overall length of 60 inches- no kidding! (Zack Buster Sword is a unique blade indeed having an extensive length). Hand wrapped handle with black leather provides just the right amount of comfort and adds an air of premium feel.
The Cloud strife Berserk sword comes packed with a stylish black scabbard and a wooden display stand. 43.5 inches long blade, follows its iconic duo colour scheme. The broader part of the blade is gunmetal grey and the sharp edge is a polished silver grey. The blade comes shipped with a sharp edge, be careful.

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Love this sword. Actually, love the man too who made this. No doubt these guys are good manufacturers and retailer. This was the most epic and biggest sword in the final fantasy advent children. They called it The Fusion Sword.


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