Kadaj Dual Bladed Sword

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Overall Length with Scabbard: 42"
Total Length: 38"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 9"
Double Bladed
Double Souba Custom Scabbard
Great for every collection
Free Display Stand
Free Wooden Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.82 KG

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price: $85.41


Katana Dual Blade kadaj sword
The Katana Dual Blade Sword has a lot of names and Souba is one of those names. The dual blade katana sword is beautiful and can serve you in various ways. It is specially designed as a defensive weapon. The Katana Dual Blade Sword has two blades that are placed parallel to one another. These blades are separated by a very small distance. Moreover, one can use the dual blade katana to disarm his enemy. Of course, this will require a lot of practice on your part but it is highly possible if you can get his blade stuck in between the dual blades of the Katana Dual Blade Sword. The Katana Dual Blade Sword firstly appeared in the series and was owned by Kadaj. The Twin bladed sword had a unique design and thus it made Kadaj famous among his people. Such dual blade swords are found rarely in the market and we are offering it at the best rates. Thus, you should place your order as soon as possible. Moreover, we offer discounts and the best prices in the town. You won’t regret buying it from us, we promise.

Kadaj, the owner of the sword, has a wonderful personality. The guy is seeing wearing a black coat. Moreover, the souba sword hangs on his lower back. The body of Kadaj enhances his character and personality. He has silver hair and is well dressed which is loved by everyone. Sephiroth made an organization to fight out any enemies that attacked him. Because of his appearance and bravery, Kadaj was made the leader of Remnants of Spehiroth. The important fact is that the Remnants were created by Sephiroth himself. He used his own cells during the process. This resulted in the production of three men which had different abilities and strengths. With his silver hair and dual bladed sword, Kadaj looked terrifying. With all the strengths he holds, he can easily cope with all the attacks of Cloud.

Features of the Katana Dual Blade Sword
The twin bladed sword is full of features. Some of the important features of the sword are enlisted below.
•The length of the twin bladed sword is 42 inches. This includes the length of the blade, the length of the handle as well as the length of Scabbard. Without the Scabbard, the length of the sword is approximately 37 ½ inches.
•As the name suggests, the dual blade katana has 2 blades which offers several advantages to the owner of the sword. The length of the blade is 27 ½ inches while the handle of the sword is almost 10 inches in length.
•The weight of any sword is probably its most important feature. The weight should be such that the user can control the sword effectively. This kadaj sword weighs 1.8 kilograms approximately. This isn’t a lot and thus, one can control the sword easily.
•Like all other swords we offer, this sword is also made up of stainless steel. Thus, the blade won’t suffer from corrosion as the time passes by. It will retain its beauty and shine for a long time.
•Moreover, we offer a wooden stand with the sword as well. The kadaj sword is beautiful, attractive and you should think seriously about buying it.

Background of the sword
The sword comes from a Japanese background and was traditionally known as Samurai sword. However, the modern versions of the twin bladed sword are not designed according to the traditional methods. The Katana looks very different from the other swords. The kadaj sword has a long grip which allows the owner to hold it with both of his hands.

Japan & Traditional Swords
Before commence of the Second World War and even throughout the war, all Japanese soldiers had to wear a sword. The Japanese follow their traditions with heart and soul. Thus, they used the traditional swords during the war. However, there were a large number of soldiers taking part in the war & thus it was virtually impossible for the military to supply such large number of swords. A lot of the blacksmiths hired by the military had barely any knowledge of the Japanese swords and their tradition. During this time, the Japanese steel’s supply was short and thus, steel from other resources had to be used. As a consequence, a number of swords were produced that had nothing to do with the Japanese tradition whatsoever. These swords got a specific name showato. This name came from the name of Emperor at the time, Hirohito. Moreover, in order to distinguish this dual blade katana from other, traditional sword, a special stamp was made. In Japan, these swords are not considered as vital because they have nothing to do with their history whatsoever. However, all over the world they are considered as historical artifacts. The kadaj sword is one of the traditional Japanese swords and it has a lot of history associated with it, so you should consider buying the sword.

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